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Wall Mounted Shower Bench Seats

This fold-up wall-mountable shower seat is a popular favorite of our patients. It is a high quality shower seat with Framework and support made of steel. The wood is varnished for protection and is perfect for anyone with limited mobility or difficulty standing for long periods of time.

New Wall Mount Shower Bath Seat Shower Bench Folding Seat

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  • Hardwood seat
  • Sold Steel wall-mount frame
  • Shower seat folds up for extra space
  • Dimensions:15″ L X 12″ W
  • Maximum weight: 300lbs (136 kg)


  • The seat is very easy to fold up and down
  • The seat is very sound and safe especially when installed on a stud
  • The price is very affordable. Lower than most other wall mountable seats in this category yet better in quality than many.
  • Very beautiful and well made. Looks nice and perfect for any type of shower. Wood and finish are excellent.
  • A lot of people love it and lots of the product have been bought making it a bestseller because it is simply a great seat.
  • It is compact when folded to the wall, and gives a comfortable small seat when needed


  • If you do not have experience with DIY installations you may need a carpenter to fix this for you
  • The manual is not detailed enough but you can easily use the image above as a guide

Usage Tips

  • Best to install it about the same height as your toilet seat or use the toilet seat as a guide to how high you should install it
  • Make sure you read the instruction on how and where to install it before doing so
  • When you are not using it you may chose to fold it up (helps to completely rid it of any water)

My Advice

This is a strongly built seat that looks good in the shower and will last for a long time. Although its not teak and its not tiled, it happens to be the number one favorite mainly because it has the lowest price in its category yet the quality is high. The only key negative to this product is that installation is not very straightforward and may require the services of a carpenter or handy man. Nonetheless I strongly recommend it as an excellent purchase that you will not regret.

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