Sonaris Lift Chair – Best Ones to Pick From

Taking a bath is one of the most relaxing activities, and helps you to get rid of weariness after a hectic day at work. However, painful joints and a weak body can seriously affect daily activities and even impact such simple functions such as bathing. These days, bath lift chairs are relied on by many such people who are incapable of taking bath alone without any assistance. These are special types of devices which can make it easy to transfer yourself in and out of your bathtub. Many companies have earned a lot of reputation by providing superior quality bath lifts to consumers and Bathmaster is one of them. The Sonaris Lift Chair series is one of the best from this brand, and you should read on to know more about the models from this series.

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift

The Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift is fully made of plastic, but it is strong and stable enough in construction. The device boasts of a good backrest which can be reclined or left upright, just in any way that you want. This is a durable unit and it has been designed to last for many years. It has an easy design and you will be able to clean it up without any difficulty.

Choose about any angle that is according to your preference and you can recline the backrest up to 40 °, in order to get the best comfort. You can operate the unit with the aid of a hand controller, which is waterproof and eliminates the risk of suffering from electric shocks while bathing. When there is not enough power in the unit and it has to be recharged, its controller will make an audible “beep” sound and the warning indicator light will notify when you should recharge it once again. This is a safe device, considering the device cannot be lowered until there is enough charge in it to lift you back.

You can control the unit with the help of a waterproof controller which consists of large, textured control pads that can assist elderly people with bad eyesight.

Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift

This Sonaris Lift Chair has been made of 100% plastic and naturally, it has a light weight. But it is robust enough to use every day and last for a long while. Given its low weight, you can transport it easily from one place to another. The unit has a nice snap-together design and its built-in holding points make it easier for you to assemble and disassemble it as well as move it about in an easy and effortless manner.

The unit has a lot of leg room which makes it easy and more comfortable for you take a bath. It has a single-button operation so that you can maneuver the unit with minimum amount of difficulty. Its backrest can be kept reclined or erect, just as you would like in order to be most comfortable at the time of bathing. You can easily go down or come on up while taking a bath.

Once the lift goes down, its reclining level can be adjusted with the help of its triple sealed waterproof hand controller. The angle of recline of this bath lift can be reclined up to 50°, in order to achieve the safest and the most comfortable position. Its swivel slide seat accessory is very useful while helping disabled people or elderly individuals from a seated position or a wheelchair.

The unit draws power from a high quality Lithium Ion battery. When the device does not have enough charge in it, it will not lower you into the tub. A warning light indicator and an audible “beep” sound will notify you when the unit has been drained out of power and needs to be recharged on an immediate basis. The device comes with a warranty period of 2 years on recharger, hand controller and cover. The frame itself comes with a warranty period of 5 years. It comes with a Patterson Medical Manufacturer’s Warranty for 3 years.

The Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift is quite comfortable to use. The model has a nice lifting seat which can be very useful for those having reduced range of motion and assist them in enjoying a nice bath with all the therapeutic advantages that they want. This unit has a nice design and it is functional and a capable performer. Users can get a nice bathing experience with this unit. The device has a nice design which makes it durable and capable of lasting for a long time to come.

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