Sonaris Bathmaster – Two Best Models to Buy

Bathing, one of the most relaxing tasks of the days, is also one of the most difficult tasks for people who are aged, suffering from a disorder or carrying a child. Bathmaster, one of the most reputed manufacturers of bathing accessories such as bath lifts, is the name behind many high quality bath lift products which can make bathing very easy and enjoyable for such individuals. Read on to know which of the Sonaris Bathmaster products can be ideal for your purpose.

Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift

The device has a simple operation. It has a reclining lift and it comprises of textured, large control pads that can assist individuals suffering from poor vision. The bath lift has large flaps on either side and it can assist bathers in easily being transferred. It has a multi-position suction cup and it can assist the unit to adjust to the design of most standard tubs and offer the most stability.

The model is blue in color and it is very comfortable. The seat and the back are very comfortable and bathers can get a lot of relaxation at the time of bathing. The hand controller of the unit can aid you in controlling the reclining angles in a suitable way. The device comes in a stunning 1/4″ closed-cell foam pad. It can easily snap into position at the time of assembly.

The reclining feature of the unit, as compared to many other similar devices, can be fully controlled by users. Once the unit has completely gone down, you can adjust its level of reclining by using its hand controller. The device is also energy-efficient in the sense that it goes automatically into the “Sleep” mode if you do not use it for 10 minutes.

This unit can be long-lasting and comfortable for individuals having a limited range of mobility. It operates with power drawn from a high quality battery. On a single charge, it is able to offer about 8 – 10 lifts to bathers. When it has run out of enough power, it will notify you about the same through an audible beep sound and a warning light so that you can recharge it again immediately. You can recharge the battery completely in only a period of 3 hours. The built-in safety system makes sure that the unit does not lower you unless there is enough charge in it to lift you back up.

The seat has a light weight and its reclining back rest can be adjusted by users. The model can easily be assembled and disassembled, and also taken along on trips. The device can fit almost all bath tubs of standard design and sizes. You can angle it in any direction that you want, in order to suit the curvature of your bath tub and ensure that it is stable and safe in construction. As the unit has a 100% plastic construction, you can clean it very easily. This is a strong and durable device and has been designed to last for a long time. You can be sure that will provide you with a secure and stable performance and you will be able to use it for a long time to come.

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Tub Lift

This Sonaris Bathmaster model is an amazing bath tub lift that has been constructed to be strong. The chair has been entirely made of plastic and it is robust and stable to use. The design is easy and you can easily clean it up. You can operate the unit with the aid of a hand controller, which is waterproof and eliminates the risk of suffering from electric shocks while bathing. It can be controlled with the aid of a waterproof controller that consists of large, textured control pads that can assist old people with bad vision.

The device boasts of a good backrest which can be reclined or left upright, just in any way that you want. You may choose about any angle that you like and can recline the backrest up to 40 °, in order to get the best comfort. This is a safe device, considering the device cannot be lowered until there is enough charge in it to lift you back. When there is not enough power in the unit and it has to be recharged, its controller will make an audible “beep” sound and the warning indicator light will notify when you should recharge it once again. This is a durable unit and it has been designed to last for many years.

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