Sliding Transfer Shower Bench Seat

Getting from the chair or bed and into the tub can be a challenge for persons who are not able to walk e.g invalids, physically challenged, paraplegics and the elderly. The solution is to use a transfer bench of the type described below:

New Eagle 37662 Swivel Seat Sliding Bath Transfer Bench

Amazon.com_ NEW Eagle 37662 Swivel Seat Sliding Bath Transfer Bench

The chair above is a plastic transfer bench with swivel seat, backrest and a light aluminium frame. The leg height is easily adjustable to allow for a variety of users. The Seat slides accross smoothly and can swivel from side to side. The cut-out is easily removed for perineal washing access. A Nylon strap locks and holds the seat in place during transfers and bathing. Seat height adjusts from 19″ to 23″ in 1″ increments. Seat width: 19″, seat depth: 15″.


  • The control levers on the seat are easy to reach and it slides smoothly
  • Very strong and can carry very heavy weights
  • Very easy to set up and is solidly built
  • It is easy to keep clean
  • No sharp areas or corners that can cause injury
  • The legs that go in the tub have rubber non-slip feet to prevent slippage this makes it very stable and comfortable
  • Very beautiful and well designed


  • It is quite big and can seem too wide for narrow tubs
  • The legs are a little bit high for shorter people but they can be adjusted
  • Activating the locks can be difficult when sitting or getting ready to sit on it

Usage Tips

  • Getting a refund on this product can be difficult so be sure that it will fit your use before purchase
  • Watch out for your legs while locking the seat in place

My Advice

This is a well built and very stable transfer bench that slides easily, locks easily and lasts long. The only key negative to this product is that the seat is a bit tricky to lock in place while seating on it. Another caveat is that apparently there are no refunds for the product at the time I checked the latest reviews so if you are certain that this is the seat you want, you will not be making a mistake.

But if you still have doubts, you should read more reviews (from Amazon, eBay etc) so that you can see what others who also bought this chair think about it so Click here for more reviews.

Best Places to Buy Online

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