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Power Recliner and Lift Chair ReviewsProduct Review: Pulaski Larson Power Recliner with USB and STO, Black

Link: Click Here

Company: Amazon via Pulaski

Price Range: $550 – $750

Measurement: 39’’ X 43’’ X 38’’

Assembled? No

Colors: Black, Brown, Grey

Who Should Buy This:

With this power recliner, you can easily sit, relax, spread your limbs, take a nap, work, and charge your smartphone. Yes, the chair has everything that you need to feel comfortable while sitting and reclining. The back tilts allowing you to recline; at the same time, you could bring up the footrest so that your legs are leveled with your hips. It is the most comfortable position in which you can relax and work at the same time.

The recliner has pads all over. They are round like bolsters, which put pressure on the muscles when you lean. Moreover, the leather cover makes the product durable and it feels smooth to the skin. The swiveling table is an added feature, which you can use to place your laptop, book, makeup accessories, etc. Both arms feature cup holders and USB ports. Therefore, you have no reason to quit this leather recliner, as you can do most of the tasks sitting in it.

What you will like most about this power recliner:

  • The product is as good looking as it is useful
  • It is the perfect recliner because it lets you work and relax at the same time. In short, you are not likely to encounter any body pain after spending hours in it
  • The leather cover is soft to touch and when you settle in it, your body assumes the most relaxed position
  • While sitting in this power recliner, you can charge your devices using the hidden USB ports
  • The assembling of the leather recliner is super easy. You will be able to do it in few minutes. No special tools required.

What You May Not Like:

  • Undoubtedly, the leather recliner is comfortable but it does not have the massage function. It you would rather go for a massage recliner, you should take a look at this http://www.amazon.com/Homelegance-9745BRW-1-Collection-Upholstered-Reclining/dp/B009H3WM3O

Maintenance or Other Tips for Using the Product:

  • Make sure you clean the leather with only cleaning agents meant especially for leather. Regular detergent may prove too harsh for it.

Value for money?

The power recliner promises comfort and ensures your good health while you work on your laptop. Its good looks make it suitable for every kind of décor. Its high durability and low maintenance justify its price well enough.

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