Power Recliner Chair

Power Recliner ChairProduct Review: Flash Furniture Contemporary Bentley Brown Leather Chaise Power Recliner

Link: Click Here

Company: Flash Furniture

Price Range: $361.48 – $441.48

Measurement: 57 X 35 X 48

Assembled? No

Who Should Buy This:

The power recliner chair is equipped with marvelous features that not only ensures pain-free comfort but also keeps your style quotient high. The chair is covered in high quality leather, which is puffed at the right places. Simply settle on this recliner and let the puffed leather caress your back muscles while you doze off. The recliner moves when you use the attached remote, which is easily accessible. Hence, you need not bother to keep the remote safely.

The movements of the leather recliner are smooth, as the entire mechanism has been developed by the reputable Leggett and Platt. The power recliner customizes itself to your relaxation postures. By using the remote, you could make the back move backwards and raise the footrest. The cushioned arms make the seat compact and add coziness.

For using the brown recliner, you need to assemble it first. Since you only need to put the back of the chair, it can easily be done in a few minutes.

What you will like most about this power recliner chair:

  • The recliner has been designed to provide you with painless relaxation
  • The puffed-up leather enhances comfort manifold. As you relax, the leather exerts mild pressure on your body muscles
  • The mechanism has been designed and manufactured by Leggett and Platt
  • The movements of the power recliner chair can be controlled with an attached remote
  • Unlike other recliners, the back of this one moves down more further allowing you to enjoy a semi-sleeping position
  • The leather recliner is easy to assemble. You need not require any tools for that

What You May Not Like:

  • The recliner is available in only one color. If you want one in a different color, you should go for a microfiber recliner, which you can find here http://www.amazon.com/Flash-Furniture-Microfiber-Contemporary-Chocolate/

Maintenance or Other Tips for Using the Product:

  • If dust settles on the recliner, you will need to clean it. You could do it either with detergent or leather cleaner.

Value for money?

This power recliner chair will make your evenings more relaxing and you may even enjoy watching TV more. The product is made of strong leather, which means it will last longer. The only maintenance you need to do is clean it. Of course, with this purchase, you will get a long lasting comfort-giving product whose price could not be more reasonable.

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