Power Leather Recliner

Power Leather Recliner ChairProduct Review: Flash Furniture Contemporary Bentley Brown Leather Chaise Power Recliner

Link: Click Here

Company: Amazon via Flash Furniture

Price Range: $375.88 – $455.88

Measurement: 43’’ Height X 57’’ Width X 35’’ Length

Assembled? No

Who Should Buy This:

This power leather recliner is your best buddy after a hectic day at office or on a weekend when you wish to pamper your body muscles. It works on mechanism developed by Leggett and Platt – a company well known for its innovative designs and concepts. The leather recliner comes with a remote and you could use it for making the chair assume different stances. The back reclines several degrees while the footrest comes up. You could freeze the recliner in any position and settle in it comfortably.

The upholstery is leather and the fill is Dacron or PET. The heavily cushioned back provides the much-needed support to the back muscles and the arms offer compactness. The design is contemporary and thus, it will suit most interior decors. The modern recliner comes in two parts, which can easily be assembled without hardware.

What you will like most about this power leather recliner:

  • With it, you can relax in comfort and style. Its mechanism is advanced, developed by Leggett and Platt
  • The padded cushions on the back and arms will ease muscle tension the moment you settle in it. The velvet fabric is extra soft and cozy
  • The recliner is designed and given a color that would gel with most common decors. You will not need not to change anything in your living room/bedroom
  • The leather is of finest quality and its grains have been removed. It has lent the power leather recliner with smooth exterior
  • You can put it together using only your hands

What You May Not Like:

  • This recliner does not have any massage function. In case, you would like to have a massage recliner, you should check here http://www.amazon.com/HomCom-Vibrating-Leather-Massage-Recliner/dp/B00GI1OH8G

Maintenance or Other Tips for Using the Product:

  • Maintain this leather product by keeping it clean. You could use either mild detergent or a leather-cleaning agent for the purpose.

Value for money?

There is so much to love about this power leather recliner. It will help you relax mentally as well as physically. It is easy to operate, as you just need to press the remote buttons. The leather is going to last because it is top quality and stitched with care. The product will surely be a good substitute for all those pricey chairs, cushions, sofas, etc.

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