Mangar BathLift – An Impressive Bath Lift to Help You Out

Mangar International, founded in the year 1981, is known for its high quality bathing equipment ranges. For the last 30 years, the company has been making amazing bath lifts that are portable and superior in quality and construction. These have been designed to help elderly and disabled people in carrying out bathing – which is one of the basic daily activities – with a lot of ease. As an award winning company, Mangar International has a number of amazing products to its credit and the Mangar BathLift is one of them. Read on to know about the various amazing bathlifts from Mangar.

Mangar USA Surfer Bather Pediatric Bath Lift 3000

This bath lift allows you to bath your child in a relaxed way. It lowers stress for you as well as your kid and also minimizes the risks of injury which come with lifting kids in and out of bath tubs. The unit is portable and light in weight and can even be taken along on family holidays.

The unit is for kids with special requirements. It comes with a battery operated compressor. It can safely lower as well as lift your kid out of water. You can lower your kid in a completely reclined posture. The product comes with a full warranty of 2 years. You can raise this unit until the transfer flaps are on a level with the top edge of your tub. You can adjust the back support to the angle that is required.

Simply slide your kid onto the unit and fasten the appropriate supports and belts to lower him or her into the water. The unit has a plastic / stainless steel cross brace and has a maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds.

Mangar Portable Inflatable Bathing Cushion with Air Compressor

This is a light in weight unit that is portable and can easily be tucked away. It can be perfect for you or anyone for that matter who wants to share his or her bath with some other individual in the household. When you have pressed the button to slowly lower yourself into the bath, you can prefer to release the air within the cushion and lie back and relax completely. It can be ideal for you if you have some amount of stability in your upper body.

It is perfect for any individual who experiences difficulties in getting in and out of bath. It can get you down and also raise you back up once again with a simple button touch. The best thing about this unit is probably the fact that it can slowly lower you into your tub and then raise you back whenever you need. The gradual pace of lowering and lifting is ideal for elderly and weakened individuals.

When you are at the bottom of your tub, you may choose to have your cushion inflated with some amount of air inside it. This can provide you with a good backrest with enough support. Or you may prefer to release everything and lie back completely in order to enjoy a fully natural bath.

With this unit, there is no need to make any costly changes to your bathroom. You can set it up or remove it within the matter of a few seconds. This device is operated by battery and there is no need for any power cables which can place you in danger and the risks of electric shocks. It can be maneuvered by a hand control that is completely waterproof in design and construction.

The Mangar BathLift has the ability to support a maximum weight of 330 pounds. Even if you are of heavy stature, you will not have to worry that your excess body weight will end up damaging the system. However, you may not be able to get a full lift if you are too heavy. It uses the Airflo Mk3 power source and draws power from low air pressure. Once the cushion has been deflated and their air from inside it has been released, you can easily roll up the system and even take it along as you go for travel. The bathing cushion is very lightweight at 4.5 pounds, but it is able to support a high amount of weight.

This is a safe unit, when you consider the fact that it does not involve any power cables which cam place you in the risk of suffering from electric shocks at the time of bathing. The unit is fully operated by battery. The hand control that comes with the unit is also completely waterproof. Also, the cushion will lower you into your tub only when there is enough battery power to lift you back up.

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