Leather Power Recliner

Leather Power Recliner Chair with Cup HoldersProduct Review: Top Gun Leather Power Recliner – Catnapper 6050

Link: Click Here

Company: Amazon via Catnapper

Price Range: $697.34 – $797.34

Measurement: 43’’ Height X 37’’ Length X 41’’ Depth

Assembled? No

Who Should Buy This:

The leather power recliner offers mind-blowing comfort because of its unique design. Inside the seat, there are heat-tempered coils. These coils are many times better than regular ones because they are heated and cooled several times before being fitted. It makes them completely anti-warp. Meaning even after using the power recliner for several years, you can expect it to stay just as comfortable as the day it arrived. Moreover, the coils are covered in foam, which ensures in no way, your body will ever be in contact with them. The leather has been baseball stitched with immense precision and it has been puffed up at places. Consequently, when you lean on this power recliner, you feel as if you were sitting on a cloud.

The leather recliner customizes its position in many ways. You will be surprised at how you would enjoy sitting for hours. The leather is good quality with commendable stretchability. Mild assembly required, which you can successfully do without any tools.

What you will like most about this leather power recliner:

  • This power recliner is your best mate when you wish to relax in sitting and semi-sleeping position


  • With simple power mechanism, the chair assumes different positions allowing your body to enjoy comfort in every posture. There are heat-tempered coils under the leather cover, which make it bouncy


  • The cushioned design exerts soft pressure on the muscles; thus, relaxing and invigorating them. When you get up from a nap, you do not feel any ache


  • Good quality leather ensures that you feel soft the moment you land on this leather power recliner


  • You can assemble the recliner using just your hands

What You May Not Like:

  • There are no color options available. For more colors, you should go for this http://www.amazon.com/Comfort-Infinite-Position-Reclining-Power/dp/B005U6OCAI/

Maintenance or Other Tips for Using the Product:

  • There is no specific maintenance routine to follow. For cleaning the recliner, use only leather cleaners and strictly follow their directions for use

Value for money?

This leather power recliner is the one piece of furniture that you need now. Its fantastic features offer long lasting comfort. You could keep the recliner anywhere; all you need is power supply. Operating it is easier than you think; the remote buttons do it all. The recliner is pricey only for those, who choose to undervalue their health and comfort.


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