Invacare Aquatec Bath Lift – Why Choose It?

At one time, pregnant women, disabled people, those weakened by disease or injuries or elderly people had no choice but to rely on the assistance of family members, friends or personal attendants to take a bath. Bath lifts have been designed to assist such individuals in taking a bath well enough. If you belong to any of the above, it is essential for you to ensure that the bath lift that you intend to buy is superior in quality, be the right fit for your tub and can offer you maximum safety and comfort. The Invacare Aquatec Bath Lift is a great lift that can be perfect for your bathing needs. Read on and know all about this bath lift which comes with cover mats and how it can be useful for you.


Invacare is an eminent manufacturer of a wide range of home care products, such as respiratory products, wheelchairs, disability scooters and bariatric equipment. The Invacare Bath Lift is one of the newest offerings of this firm.


This bathing system is of high quality. It has an ergonomic design and it has been devised to be durable. The unit is a combination of excellent comfort and safety features.


The seat has a 360 mm wide backrest. The unit is 590 mm long and its seat is 420 mm at the highest position and has a height of 60 mm at the lowest position. The unit has a low weight of 26 pounds. Despite its low bulk, it is able to support weight of up to 298 pounds. The device is perfect for storage purposes, considering the fact that it is extremely compact in size.

Ease of Assembly

The Invacare Aquatec Bath Lift has a 2-piece design. While assembling the device, you can easily fit the base section and the backrest together in order to install the bath lift chair. In order to disassemble the unit, the sections can just as comfortably be taken off the bath. When it is pushed forward, the backrest of the bath lift chair can fold down and automatically unlock.


There is an auto-lock feature which ensures fast removal from the bath tub. The presence of an emergency stop feature ensures that you can get a lot of freedom and support. The hand control comes with an elevated profile. It consists of colored buttons which can help you in straightforward operations.


The bath lift has an ergonomic design. This allows you to sit lower and also further towards the back section of the unit. Its side flaps are directly hinged to the main seat. The unit comes with a textured seating surface, which allows the use of covers in case there is any requirements. This helps in comfortable and safe side transfers, without the skin getting trapped. The covers are removable, which ensures that you can maintain hygiene.

The components of the Invacare Bath Lift are light in weight and allow improved handling. It offers more leg space for a more relaxed and deeper bathing. The more leg space allows a more relaxed and deeper bathing experience to bathers. The raised height of its backrest offers complete support to bathers, whether it is upright or reclined.


The bath lift has a stable and strong construction. It is powered by a lightweight battery. The unit is maneuvered with the help of a compact hand control that is fitted with battery. The battery comes with the revolutionary Sony™ technology and is light in weight. It is safe and easy to recharge.

The hand control is ergonomic in design and can allow easier handling. Within a matter of a few seconds, it can connect to the back of the bath lift. The floating hand control makes the operations easy and as convenient for you as possible. It allows a fully watertight and secure seal. The lock-free back rest can be easily dismantled. You can release it in an effortless manner by using only one hand. Robust in construction, the device has been built to withstand daily wear and tear. It can easily be maintained.


The bath lift comprises of non-slip cover mats. This makes sure that bathers do not suffer from any damage or falls at the time of taking a bath. The raised height of the backrest of the bath lift allows you complete support, while upright or reclined. Invacare offers the bath lift with a warranty period of 2 years, which proves that it is completely behind the product.