13 Good Gifts for Mom

The importance of mothers cannot be overstated in any terms and under any circumstances. We all know that mothers play a great role in the build-up of a human being, right from giving birth to nurturing and supporting- a mom does it all. This is why when it comes to picking a gift for your mom, you have to be really choosy. It has to be just right or it won’t be enough right? We know that feeling and that is why are best equipped to derive this list of good gifts for your mom after sifting through pages and pages of online searching. You can rest assured that we give you only the very best and that it doesn’t get any better than the items on this list!

1. Philip Whitney Bronze Family Tree: Memories are usually our most prized possessions, especially memories related to our family and close ones. This Christmas you can choose to gift her a keepsake for her memories. The Family Tree from Philip Whitney has 6 photo frames available by default and more can be made available on demand. It is crafted in bronze and is about 20” by 18”. This one will surely get mom poring over her photos and albums, trying to decide which photos she wants to feature on your beautiful present. You can rest easy after ordering this one.


2. Mom Forever Necklace: The joy of motherhood is something women the world over want to experience at least once in their life. It is something that stays with them in their hearts and minds. Being a mom is a lifelong experience and this piece celebrates that very fact. “Mom” is spelled out in an artistic manner with silver shaded “M’s” and a transparent glass “O”. It ships replete with a verse inside a beautiful blue and purple velveteen gift box. Be prepared for all the tears in case they erupt as she unwraps her gift!


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3. Funny Box Sign: When something is lost in the house the first person to be contacted to start the emergency rescue search for the object is your mother. She even found that Sega game you thought had been stolen! Her abilities for the search operation are uncanny. If this description fits your mother you should think about appreciating this particular skill of hers with this box sign from Primitives by Kathy. It says “Nothing is Really Lost Till Mom Can’t find it” We simply could not agree more.


4. World’s Greatest Mom Hoodie: There is no substitute for this one. In fact we highly recommend that no matter what gift you choose, you include this hoodie with it. It says “This is what the World’s Greatest Mom looks like” While there is no doubting that your mother is indeed the best, the hoodie takes it to another level allowing her to show off to the world. She will love this Christmas present and we are sure it will find itself being used everywhere. Its one of the gifts fit for cozy hugs and emotional reminiscing later on  Christmas night.


5. I Love how we don’t even need to say it loud that I’m your favorite child – Coffee Mug : If you grew up in a house with siblings you will know that the rivalry for your mother’s love is cut throat, and no we aren’t even joking. In all of this, a nice and fun poke at the favorite child trope would go down well with your mother. It may have been a long time since  anybody competed for her attention like when you were children, so maybe its time to start the thingall over again!



6. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Peace and Relaxation Eucalyptus Spa Bath and Body Gift : The Peace and Relaxation Gift Basket from Art of Appreciation is one of the best gifts for a mother whose child has just grown up. If you were a naughty, troublesome child then consider it your duty to let her have a proper rest after you’ve taken herself off her hands. This gift basket has it all starting from bath gel, body lotion, body scrub and exfoliator to ice tea mix and candy. She has earned the right to rejuvenate herself after all these years and the Eucalyptus infused bathing elements will help her do just that.

7. You are My World Heart Necklace: The times when she saved you from getting into trouble and bandaged your knee are infinite, as are the times she was the guiding light in your hardships. She has never given up on you, and she was there before anybody else was there. No matter who else comes into your life, the person you love most should always be your mother. Simply because she will never let you down, she deserves this gift. It states “You are my world” and we cannot find a better person to gift it to. It comes in a gift box to complete the set.


8. Novelty Wine Glass: The amount normal people drink on any given day is harmless and it has no connection to who they are. However if the girl you’re looking to gift is a heavy drinker then you need to  think along a line related to alcohol. Wine glasses have recently become a raging gifting option. However, we don’t think you should go with the bland classic wine glass. Instead we say you go for this one, a unique print and a funny message ensure that it stands out. There is no question that it will take some attention even when using the space on her mantle. The product is built to last as the text is fired on and the glass is dishwasher safe. Its perfect for any occasion but above all, its perfect for making an impression!


9. Best Mother Trophy: She has dependably been there for you and she will keep on doing as such for whatever remains of her life. That kind of adoration, duty and commitment merits appreciation and reverence. We prescribe the “Best Mother Trophy” as a present for the mother who really is a legend among the army of greats. This is certain to be a valued ownership of hers privilege until her final gasp, each time she takes a gander at it she will recollect all the brilliant recollections she has with you in it.



10. Plant Theatre Psychedelic Salad Kit: If your mom is a woman with a penchant for gardening will appreciate your care and attention in choosing your gift if you get her this unique, standout gift set from the people at Plant Theatre. It contains the growth modules for Lemon Cucumber, Red Lettuce, Golden Detroit Beet, Red Globe Bunching Onions and Fiesta Radishes. It also contains 5 growing pots, 5 peat blocks and 5 plant markers. There is everything she needs to start a small vegetable patch for herself, and this is especially useful when your mom needs a quick hobby to pick up. Gardening is not one of the easier hobbies but is definitely one of the most fulfilling ones.


11. Wonder Woman Character Apron: The love showered over you by your mom throughout the years cannot be told of in mere words. The numerous times she whipped up your favourite dish are still fresh in your memory, we know. The aprons she wore during those times will surely have been forgotten though right? Yeah we know that part too. You really should remember these things. That is why we suggest this apron should be her gift, she had earned it. Your mom must have watched cartoons with you when you were a kid, and we’re sure she must have developed a love for them too. The Wonder Woman apron is a wonderful and symbolic present to give to the woman who gave birth to you.


12. Numi Organic Tea Flowering Set: This  wonderful tea set from the Numi household is one of the best sellers on Amazon. Within its pack hides an innovative and fun filled experience for tea lovers all over the globe, and we know how some moms cannot get enough tea.  It contains flowers of tea leaves that blossom when steeped in water and produce a spectacle to behold, they unfold into flowers in the middle of the teapot. The set even contains a glass teapot so that you can watch the magic happen.   It is made with organic tea and 100% natural ingredients. It is a must try for every tea connoisseur. If your mom is one of those, look no further than this as it is undoubtedly the best gift to get your mom.



13. I love you Mom Gift Acrylic Cube: Goodness encased in a human body is how we would describe all mothers. And prettiness encased in a crystal is how we would describe this particular gift. It will surely take her breath away for a moment! It features LED’s set in a pattern so that when the switch is flicked on, it sets the message alight at the centre. It uses 3 AAA batteries to power the electronic components. And yes the dialogue is old but the feelings are always true.


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