Top 10 Gifts for Women – Plus 4 Unique Ideas

1. Business Name Card Holder:

Gifts for Women

In the age of socialization we may have lost our actual conversation skills but if your woman is in the line of work where she meets a lot of people, she will need one of these. It is one of the things that helps first impressions and is essential for good business relations. She will definitely love you for your pride in her work and your encouraging nature.

2. Anker Gaming Mouse:

Gifts for Women

You might be surprised to know that some women do indeed love gaming. They are adept at it, as much as any man. If you are lucky enough to have one of those in your social circle, this should be your gift to her no matter what the occasion. It features the Avago ADNS-3050 sensor with 2000 DPI, 6600 FPS and a polling rate of 1000 Hz. There are 7 programmable buttons and 5 profiles. It looks super cool with 4 respiring LED’s and it ends in a gold plated USB connector. There is no better compliment for a fellow gamer than this.


3.Women’s Paw Prints Scarf:

Gifts for Mom

Scarfs are a superb and versatile fashion statement which can be teamed up with a lot of different clothing items. It also makes for a good gift for the woman who is always smartly dressed. This scarf is made of 100% pure rayon. It comes in a sprightly Emerald Green colour with cute paw prints scattered all over it. Thee paw prints make it especially appealing for dog lovers.

4.Flameless LED Candles:

Gifts for Mom

The low, subdued light given off by candles is universally pleasing and gives a sense of relaxation. These Moon candles are a wondrous sight, they come 3 in a set and can be controlled by the accompanying remote control. The only danger is of the flames setting something on fire, and a disadvantage is the limited burning time. These candles eliminate both with no naked flames and a total glow time of 50,000 hours and there is even a timer option for dates. Get it for your wife and you can feign surprise when she sets up a candlelight date!

5. Lavender Bath and Body Gift Set:

Gifts for Mom

The Lavender Bath and Body Gift Set is a carefully constructed gift pack containing only the best and most effective elements of a spa experience. Your lady will appreciate each article in this package. It has all natural ingredients and contains no petrochemicals and is Paraben, DEA & TEA free. You can rest assured that your choice will bring her great satisfaction. And they even offer a money back guarantee so that you are satisfied too!

6. Plant Theatre Psychedelic Salad Kit:

Gifts for Women

The woman with a green thumb will appreciate your care and attention in choosing your gift if you get her this pretty piece of kit. It contains the growth modules for Lemon Cucumber, Red Lettuce, Golden Detroit Beet, Red Globe Bunching Onions and Fiesta Radishes. It also contains 5 growing pots, 5 peat blocks and 5 plant markers. There is everything she needs to start a small vegetable patch for herself.

7.Wonder Woman Character Apron:

Gift Ideas

The love and care mothers and wives all over the world put into our meals all year round is nothing short of wondrous. To complement her skills and dedication, get her this apron. It is an officially licensed product with the costume of wonder woman on the front. It is a quirky little gift and works very well in case either one of you is a comic book fan.

8. Excelvan Women’s Bluetooth Companion Smart Bracelet:

Gift Ideas

Technology is advancing at such a pace that it is now integrated into our fashion. This Bluetooth companion is a cutting edge helper for women, and it looks good too. It can sync all your mail and data from your phone and even acts as a fitness tracker. It has an alarm mode to wake her up on time and can also act as a sort of selfie taker by using the Bluetooth snapshot option. It is definitely a complete gift option for the modern woman.

9. Ninja Master Prep:


For every woman who loves to cook, a basic food processor is a necessity in their kitchen. The Ninja Prep Master goes above and beyond the food processors capabilities and in a smaller size too. It has quadruple blades which are patterned for uniform cutting and crushing. It also has an anti-spill splashguard and non-slip base. It comes with two conveniently sized jars. Basic functions like chopping and cutting have also been perfected in this appliance and this makes it a great gift for all those health conscious women out there.

10. Apollo Precision Tools:

Gifts Ideas

It is very rare for a woman to be handy with tools, and if you do know someone who is-we assure you the best gift for her will be to constructively boost her rare talents. The Apollo precision tools kit comes in a large attractive case with the tools all sharing pink accents, which would be especially pleasing to the woman in question. It has a total of 135 pieces including a number of CRV screwdrivers, a utility knife, a cordless screwdriver, a fastener set, precision screwdrivers, a claw hammer, a magnet level and an adjustable wrench among other things. If somebody gifted this to us, we sure wouldn’t be able to help feeling gratitude towards them!

11. Kate Aspen Pink Polka Purse Manicure Set:

Gift Ideas

The Mani-pedi craze is here to stay. And while its here, it opens up new gifting options for you to give your woman. This is a very cute little bag containing a nail file, tweezers, clippers and scissors which fit perfectly into the polka dot bag. The idea behind the gift set is simple utility because the bag makes for a fashion statement but the items inside are pretty important. She will definitely agree with us when we say that you have hit all the right notes with this one.

12. Numi Organic Tea Flowering Set:

Gift Ideas

This unique gift from the Numi household is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It contains an innovative and fun filled experience for tea lovers all over. It contains flowers of tea leaves that blossom when steeped and unfold to provide an astounding spectacle. The set even contains a glass teapot so that you can watch the magic happen. It is made with organic tea and 100% natural ingredients. It is a must try for every tea connoisseur.

13. Horizons Classic Leather Journal:

Gift Ideas

The charm of writing about things nobody else will read is easily one of the finer pleasures in life. Women are well known for journal writing , and they love the luxury of a good notebook. The Horizons Classic Leather Journal is a travel companion for the woman you give it to, with its thick pages containing her thoughts on mundane and personal matters. They even give a retro style wooden pen free along with the journal. It comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you remain assured of its quality. It makes for a charming gift.

14. Sunto Core Wrist Watch:

Gift Ideas

This digital watch is one of the most versatile pieces around. It is helpful for everybody ranging from the everyday worker to the adventurer. It has various senors such as the altimeter, barometer, compass. It even lets the user know when a storm is brewing, and its stylish look is a good match for any outfit. The woman who receives this is sure to be in love with it!

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