14 Gifts For Travellers

They are some of the busiest people on earth. They are always on the move, and they can never find peace in the same place for more than a few days at a time. Some do it for business and some for fun. They are the ones who have wanderlust flowing through their veins. It is never easy to get hold of them since they’re always on the move but what you can do is get them a gift when it is time to. People always love being gifted things which support and help their interests, and with every item on this list we have endeavoured to help you do just that! You can rest assured, every choice on this roll is top drawer. The only thing you need to think of is choosing one!

1. AC-DC Power converter for cars and Dc sockets: How would you feel if you ran out of power in an unknown location and happened to need it more than life itself? We think you’d feel pretty freaked out. What if, you then found something that turned the useless DC charger in your loaned car into a power source for your Laptop or your phone so that you could make that SOS call you had been wanting to all day? Well gratitude is certainly the word and emotion you would be looking for here we assure you. Thus we bring to you the AC-DC power converter for the traveller whose best interests are in your heart.


2. Bodyguard heavy duty 3 digit Number lock: The safety of our things is always a valid concern and especially for those who risk t again and again by virtue of being a part of the crazy demographic of people known as travellers. They will of course imagine that the spirit of wanderlust will save their things from being snapped away but you know better don’t you? You know that the only thing to do that is a lock. And the best lock on the market is our entry for this list of best gifts for travellers. There is no way anybody is getting the better of this lock, even the NSA trusts it!


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3. The Travellers Friend: A miscellany of Wit and Wisdom: A book isn’t always a good gift but here we beg to differ. This book is especially made for the traveller, to excite the love he has for travelling and to show him what other travellers feel about the same. It is truly a miracle in print for those bitten by the travelling bug. It contains miscellaneous quotations, trivia and literature celebrating the road and it also contains a bit of advice for those on the road so that they have everything they need. It covers everything from packing to photography and hence is quite the catalogue.


4. Keep Calm and Travel On Funny Mouse Pad: The love of travelling is truly rare among those sitting at desks all day and if you happen to know the poor guy who is stuck behind an office desk while his soul is on the roads around the world, bring him some peace with this mousepad. It says “Keep Calm and Travel On” and it will tell him that it is only a while before he gets back to where he belongs.


5. World Traveller VHS Tape- Israel and France: Travelling literally around the world may not be possible for everybody but the only way they would know that they want to go somewhere is if they have an idea about the place to begin with. These VHS tapes from World Traveller cover everything a traveller would need to decide on a trip to either country. It is an especially good gift for the older bunch who would know the delight of VHS tapes better than anyone.


6. World Map Pendant Necklace: The greatest accomplishment for any traveller is when he has finished travelling to every place on the globe. Now that is only a pipe dream since nobody is Superman and cannot actually do so. However the only solace they can get from this is that they can still call the entire planet home instead of just one place because they spend time all around it. This pendant will give them a marker to prove that. Certainly one of the best gifts to gift a traveller on any occasion.


7. Powertraveller Powemonkey Solar Charger Extreme 5V and 12V: The power of the sun sure is more reliable than the electricity in some places on the globe. And while that may be depressing on several levels for humanity, this solar charger from the people over at Powermonkey is going to be a life saver for the loved ones in your life whose love for travel really takes too much out of their phone batteries than anything else. Be sure, as they’re tapping up the juice in their phones they will be having gratitude for you in their hearts.


8. Not all who wander are lost Pocket Watch: The old adage of ‘Not all who wander are lost’ is a very cool and ominous sounding saying and yet, it inspires more people than you would think. Those with a passion for being on the road will appreciate this more than anything else and you can definitely depend on us to make the right choice of gifts!


9. Hand Stamped Cuff Ring ‘Wanderlust’: A proud ID tag for the traveller seems to be an ideal gift doesn’t it? Well this wonderful hand stamped cuff ring seems to be doing just that with ‘Wanderlust’ printed on it! There is no better way to show that person in your life that you truly understand what the word ‘wanderlust’ means and how it applies to them!


10. World traveller Coffee Gift Basket: No gift collection is complete without a selection of these goodies it seems! The World Traveller Vintage Suitcase Coffee Basket comes in a container which literally looks like a suitcase and has some of the best coffee related treats contained within it. This elegantly presented gift box comes with a 15oz mug, a biscotti cookie, 5 blends of gourmet coffee which includes French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate and Italian Roast Espresso. You might just inspire them to travel the places these coffees come from!


11. Personalized Leather Bag: The ultimate travel accessory must have a few things- it must be cool, it must be personalized and it must have some use. This travel bag covers it all. It comes in a beautiful yet badass shade of brown, it is personalized with the name of the person you provide on it and it can be used on his travels around the world since luggage is a necessity. Voila! We believe we just found the perfect gift for a traveller!


12. Reading Light: Through your own travels you must have noticed that bedside lights are for show most places in the world, and that the plight of the reader is even less understood that most people think it is. This reading light is perfect for the traveller with an affection for books since it can be twisted to fit into and light up any position near a power source with its flexible gooseneck. It is probably one of the best gifts for a traveller who is also a bookworm.


13. The Traveller’s Gift: Those who are on the road a lot have a different perspective to life than the rest of us do and that is what sets them apart most of the time. Now if you know someone who is just getting into the fever, this is the perfect book for him to have on his reading list.

14. Drilltravel Digital Luggage Scale: The old way to weigh luggage with two pans and weights is of course obsolete but you still do need to weigh up the luggage before you take it to the airport lest it burn a hole in your wallet. This is where Drilltravel saves your ass, with its near magical digital luggage scale. Sure to bring a smile on the face of that traveller friend of yours.


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