13 Gifts for Sister

Sisters can be annoying and they can be aggressive and passive and loving and hateful and sweet and vengeful at the same time. They can be the pillar that holds you to sanity or they can be the one thing that drives you wild. We know that your sister incites a world of emotions in you, just like ours did but we also know that no matter where we go we all will always love our sisters and that they are really indispensable for their part in our lives. A sister will love you unconditionally all their lives and no matter what happens you will always find a friend in them when you need one. They can support people like nobody else can.

1. My sister is someone I will always call a friend Mug:

Gift for Sisters

Just as we were telling you, a sister is always a friend and this mug proves that someone else also had pretty much the same idea as us! It makes for a great gift because on one hand we are sure you never tell your sister exactly how you feel about her but on the other hand you really do love her and wouldn’t want any harm to come to her in any way.

2. Love you to the moon and back necklace:


This necklace is a very cute and dainty little gift for that sister who loves trinkets and cute sayings. There can be no cuter thing than you giving her this on her birthday or even on graduation if you feel so inclined. It is important to let her know that love is what she will get from her brother no matter where she is.


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3. World’s Okayest Sister Funny Mug:

13 Gifts for Sister

The relationship between siblings can be a funny one. Close at one moment and strained at the next. If you had such a relationship with your sister you might love this gift! The mug says ‘World’s Okayest Sister’ but we all  know that she is the world’s best sister isn’t she?


4. Funny sign for Sister:

13 Gifts for Sister

The great big fights you may have had and the wonderful and cute forced make up you had to do in front of your parents always culminated in a fight in the bedroom right? We know. That is why we also know that this sign will make you smile wide and wit willdo the same for your sister. It features the legend ‘I smile because you’re my sister, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it’ and we couldn’t agree more!

5. To My Sister-Book:

Gift Ideas

The feelings one has for a sister are hard to express out loud or even to write down, that is why we have come up with the next best thing. This book will tell your sis just how much she means to you and what all she stood for at the different times she was there for you throughout your lives. It will tell her of the number of times you smiled because of her and the number of times you laughed in spite of her. It is a book full of emotions and we are sure that your sister will love it.


6. I love my sister Mug:

Gift Ideas

No matter how many times you say it, the love you have for your sister will always be less than the number of times you say it to her. This is why the mug comes into this list of the best gifts for your sister. It will be a permanent reminder for her about how much you love her and she can even show it off on her desk!


7. This sister is loved a lot Pendant:

Gift Ideas

We still don’t think your sister would know exactly how much you love her if she wasn’t wearing something with your love for her stated on it. That is right, this pendant will be telling that she is the most loved sister in the whole wide world and we know you wouldn’t want anything less than that for her.


8. Sister, Never Fly Faster Than your guardian angel can fly pendant:

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Some of the sister out there are real bad asses and they can truly get people worried about their safety and well-being. You can’t always be there to tell her to drive slower or make better decisions but this pendant can do that for you. It will tell her to not only slow down but to slow down because her life is more important to you than anything else.


9. Sisters are Forever Friends Candle:

Gift Ideas

This candle is meant for those nights when you think your sister might need a friend. As she lights this up and all the wonderful memories surround your childhood together. She might even be inclined to call you up on some such nights, so sit and wait for an occasion to get her this gift!


10. Willow Tree Sisters by Heart :

Gift Ideas

A unique piece of art for a unique person sounds about right to us. This figurine from the people at Willow Tree has been hand crafted by Susan Lordi at her studio and this ensures that it is a unique piece. It will tell your sister just how much you love her and how much you care for her without you having to do that yourself.


11. Gift Basket For Sister: The greatest gift you can get her is a combination of everything she would love. Sweets and treats and good looking packages! That is what they all love. This is why the people at Gift Basket have put together a basket packaged in an adorable bonnet shaped plant pot cover and filled with mouth watering goodies. The basket comes in one of five colours. Choose whichever, it is sure to blow her mind!


12. Silver Gift Set: Watch Necklace Earrings and ring: We all know that girls love jewellery, but if you don’t know exactly how much they love jewellery then we suggest you wait for her to receive this gift. The reaction you get after this will surely put all doubts out of your head. This is a silver jewellery and accessory package containing a stylish silver watch to go with just about every look, a necklace to show off her family’s love for her, a earring for her to fall in love with and a ring to look at all day long.  We are sure that this is as good as it gets!


13. Just Sisters-book: This delightful book encompasses every little tid bit that comes from having a sister and sharing experiences of your life with her. It all depends on the day and the mood, depending on which a sister can take one of many forms-friend, for, supporter or even care taker. There is no end to the joys of having a sister and you can rest assured when you give her this book. For in this book we cover everything there is to cover about sisters and the joy of having one. This is easily one of the best gifts for a sister ever!


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