12 Gifts for Parents

We all know that your parents are the best people there could possibly be and that there is nothing you can do that will give back to them the same amount of love care and grace that they gave to you. It is an unassailable fact of life that nobody will ever love you the same way your mom does, no one will ever protect you the way your father does and nobody in the entire universe can ever have an effect or influence on you like your parents did. Whenever you have a chance to get your parents something, we urge you to get them whatever little thoughtful present that you can because they have done more than you can ever do for them and it is only fair that you try your best to give some of the love back.

1. Business Name Card Holder: A set of business name card holders would be nice don’t you think? Especially if your parents are working, successful people and it spurs them on to do even better than they were doing in the first place. This gift says that you love them and are proud of everything that they have done and all the hard work that they have put in to be where they are in their lives. A gift could not be better chosen.


2.Plant Theatre Psychedelic Salad Kit: If your parents are people with a penchant for gardening they will appreciate your care and attention in choosing your gift if you get them this unique, standout gift set from the people at Plant Theatre. It contains the growth modules for Lemon Cucumber, Red Lettuce, Golden Detroit Beet, Red Globe Bunching Onions and Fiesta Radishes. It also contains 5 growing pots, 5 peat blocks and 5 plant markers. There is everything they need to start a small vegetable patch together, and this is especially useful when your parents need a quick hobby to pick up. Gardening is not one of the easier hobbies but is definitely one of the most fulfilling ones.


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3.Numi Organic Tea Flowering Set: This absolutely wonderful tea set from the Numi household is one of the best sellers on Amazon. Within its pack hides an innovative and fun filled experience for tea lovers all over the globe.  It contains flowers of tea leaves that blossom when steeped in water and produce a spectacle to behold, they unfold into flowers in the middle of the teapot. The set even contains a glass teapot so that you can watch the magic happen.   It is made with organic tea and 100% natural ingredients. It is a must try for every tea connoisseur. If your parents are one of those, look no further than this as it is undoubtedly the best gift to get your parents.


4.Three Level Coffee Mug Funny: The best of people can be defeated by a bad sleepless night. This coffee mug takes that fact and uses it to good effect. There are three levels marked with the amount of coffee left in the cup to show what kind of mood the drinker will be in with each corresponding level. It makes for a fun gift and is something that your parents can connect to!


5.LED Reading light with adjustable goosenecks : The reading father will always have troubles. Your mom won’t like him reading when she sleeps, sleeping  on the couch will give him a back ache and reading the book without light is not possible at all! This is where your gift comes in. Your dad can switch off the light and still read with the help of this night lamp and its malleable goosenecks. They will never loosen and the LED light gives off bright illumination so that his eyes don’t take a beating. Is there a better gift than this we ask ourselves, and no comes the answer!


6.Wine Therapy Wine glass: After a long and hard day at the office your parents must like to just let things go with a glass of wine and a book. We are sure that they would find it immeasurably delightful if you plant this glass on their bed before they are back for the day. The glass says ‘My Therapy’ and features a caricature of a person relaxing on a recliner. You can be sure that they will appreciate both the joke and the fact that you cared enough about them to slip in something related to the activities that you observe instead of getting them something which would have been totally run of the mill and would have lacked the personal touch.


7.The Boss and the Real Boss 16 Oz Tumblers: Everybody knows about that one couple who always do what one of them likes. You wonder how they are still together and yet they beat all odds and stay put. If your parents are r that very couple then worry no more we are here with a hilarious gift option for them. These two tumblers have “The Boss” and “The Real Boss” printed on them. It really puts both people in their place and since they already love who they are, they will definitely love the gift. Moreover the tumblers can be used as display items on their desks at work or the showcase at home, and makes for a cute presence all in all.

8.Philip Whitney Bronze Family Tree: Memories are usually our most prized possessions, especially memories related to our family and close ones. This Christmas you can choose to gift them a keepsake for her memories. The Family Tree from Philip Whitney has 6 photo frames available by default and more can be made available on demand. It is crafted in bronze and is about 20” by 18”. This one will surely get mom poring over her photos and albums, trying to decide which photos she wants to feature on your beautiful present. Dad won’t let it slip but we can assure you that he will love it just as much.


9.Grill Set: The meat loving dad is going to love his Christmas present! A must-have for everyman who fancies a good barbecue, this grill set is the shizz. It includes a Chef’s spatula, grill tongs, silicone basting brushes and 4 corn holders among other things. The tools are fashioned from top notch stainless steel and has good craftsmanship. All this comes in a cool aluminium storage case perfect for when he wants to show off his skills at a friend’s place.  We are sure that getting him what he loves is the way to go this festive season. To top it all off, the Spatula has a built in bottle opener!  And your mom will love the fact that she has to cook a little less from now on!


10.I’m Your Favorite Child” Funny Coffee Mug: If you have siblings and you all love your parents just as much, there will be regular arguing matches about which one is the favourite child among you. While the debate itself is eternal since no parent ever favours one of the offspring over the others, you can steal a march over the rest of them with this cheeky gift this time for your mom and dad. We are absolutely sure that this will bring a smile to their faces when they are using it for his or her late night coffee runs!

11. Poem for Mom and Dad: The best gift of the list is probably the one least people would buy. A poem might sound like it would belong more in a letter to your parents if you were born in the 1700’s but we can assure you that it is one of the most effective methods of expressing emotion even today. In fact it is one of the better ways to do so, now all of us are not gifted in the arts enough to spin our own prose but we can always take a hand from the creativity of others.


12. Family Photo Collage Style Frame: All the fun times that you have had in your life with your parents must mean a lot to you but we know that they mean even more for your parents. And photos are the probably the most emotional connections that we have with our memories because in a photo, we can imagine the moment as we remember it. In a picture we can remember the people in it as we like and that makes it very precious. We are sure your parents will see it the same way. So don’t wait up, just order it now!


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