13 Gifts for New Moms

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences of a woman’s life, and yet it is one of the hardest and most painful times for them too. There is not much else that can surmount the overall roller coaster ride that is motherhood. And when the baby is finally here, there are a million other things to be done. If you are looking at gifting a new mom, it’s all about making some of those million things easier for her so that she can focus on the rest. Trust us when we say that we have truly covered the length and breadth of the gifting industry to look for these choices, and they will not disappoint you at all. Go ahead, just order!

1. My quotable kid Journal: In the youngest of ages, when children learn to gurgle out a few barely understandable words they seem to make the cutest of noises. They have the funniest of names for the most mundane things and they are absolutely adorable while making the few words jump out of their mouth. Some of these little quotes and nick names are really worthy of being framed and shown around. Now while we wouldn’t recommend that, this journal we have selected will allow the baby’s parents to pick and choose the quotes and put them into the journal so that in the future they can all share a good laugh over it some day.


2. Mom’s one line a day book: The best advice comes from your mother, everybody knows that right? Mothers have been a source of wisdom since Lord knows when and it is a tradition that is going to carry on for some time yet. This little kit in the form of a slam book will make for great reading for the child when he or she grows up as they read their mothers line of the day from ages ago and revel in how much she cares for them and how right she always was and always is.



3. Mom son photo frame: The bond shared by a mom and her child right after birth is not seen in anything else. They are literally inseparable and that has something to do with how much love the mother has for her child and how much the child is attached to her. This photo frame is perfect as a gift for any mom, and all it needs is a good photograph. If you supply that too, you’re going up the list of important people really fast.


4. New Mama Gift Box: It is a stressful time as everyone knows, so for some people the treats of nature and tea are the only peace that they have in the entire day. You can give them a lot of peace with this gift box designed specifically with new mothers and their needs in mind. It contains a lot of stuff like licorice root, raspberry leaf, rosemary leaf and skullcap herb tea and salve bases of grapeseed oil Infused with organic calendula, organic comfrey, organic plantain, organic hickweed, organic St. John’s Wort, organic Burdock and organic Thyme, organic Coconut Oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E. It also has essential oils of Tea Tree, Cedar Leaf, and Rosemary.


5. Go the f**k to sleep book: the stories of children who decide to just not go to sleep and in general make it hard for their parents so survive with them are nearly legendary at this point of time. And what better way to help those people than to get them this book. No matter what happens after wards we can assure you that they will have appreciated the awareness and care that you displayed.

6.Burt Bees Baby Bee Started Gift Set: babies who have just taken birth are notoriously hard to take care of. They need everything to be done for them everything from their skin lotion to their shampoo has to be special and nobody else can use it. Well that is a good thing because those things are used up real fast and honestly nobody can have enough supply of baby lotion since practically everybody uses it! This baby gift set contains baby lotion, special shampoo and wash, baby oil, special buttermilk soap, a tube of diaper ointment or alternatively a tube of 2-in-1 cream to powder. You can’t go wrong with this.


7. Tranquil Delights Gift Basket: The need of the hour is peace and for new moms that stuff is in really low supply. With this gift set you give her a chance at peace and relaxation so that she can get her mojo going again. Too much stress is bad you know, play the saviour here.


8. Letters to My Baby: There are lots of things that babies do or that happen to babies due to which the mother has quite a few things to say to the child but obviously the best part for the kid is that it escapes the lecture by virtue of being unable to understand what anybody says to it. This is where she can write those things down for him or her to read when they grow up, it is sure to make a real connection.


9. Chicken Soup for the soul-New Moms: The super successful line of Chicken Soup for the Soul books have been around for quite some time and they claim to fix everything under the sun with written word. This is a very quirky read for a new mom and provides different perspectives to what she might be having currently owing to all that she went through. It makes for a great gift for a new mom.

10. You are my sunshine t shirts:


11. First photo frame for baby’s sonogram: A sonogram reading is the first time a mother actually gets to see the heart growing inside her stomach beat, and that is one of the most amazing things possible. There is no need for any other, this photo frame will get them all gooey over the first sonogram and how cute the baby looked when it wasn’t even there yet. And you of course, are sure to be a hit with both parents and the kid.


12. Baby Briefcase: Everything a baby needs is actually quite a lot if stuff considering the fact that a baby is absolutely tiny when it is born. This surprisingly large amount of stuff needs a place to go into and all those momma bags aren’t going to cut it for your nephew or your best friend’s son right? They need something cooler. This baby briefcase addresses that need specifically and you can be assured that there is no other like it on the market.


13.Bella B Pregnant and Beyond gift set: The body of a new mom takes quite the trouble to pump out a kid and it is hard to get everything back to normal. So you should be taking the trouble to get the new mom something to take care of herself too. This is where the Bella B Pregnant and Beyond Gift set comes in. It contains honey and butter soap, stretch mark reducing tummy honey butter, and an over-all luscious moisturizing body cream.


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