11 Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

There really are very few things that money cannot buy and for that super rich man you know, something bought out of a store just isn’t going to cut it. You obviously don’t want to get him something he already has because that would be a waste two ways. You also cannot get him something he himself does not have because you’d probably have to pull your life’s savings together to do that. However, emotion is impossible to purchase in this world and one thing is for sure, no matter how rich someone gets, he can never have enough peace and love. This is exactly what we are aiming at with these gifts. We are sure you’ll find something appropriate among these.

1.DIY Toolset for men : The DIY tool set for men is a suite of tools that has been put together so that anybody who feels like doing some of his household chores himself can begin to do so. It contains 22 pieces of smartly picked tools that will enable him to work on a wide range of household projects. This is a great gift because no matter at what stage of success they are, men always like to feel that they are able to do stuff by themselves.


2. Morning Mug: Thermal sensing mugs are all the rage on the gift markets right now, and we have a winner of a gift for you from that very segment right here. This mug stays all black with eyes shut when inactive and as soon as he pours his morning coffee into it he will see that the mugs lights up and turns white and even opens its eyes. We dare you to find a more adorable gift for him than this one!


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3. Gift of nothing: With all the material possessions that he must have, it is possible that he has a distinct lack of peace because as income increases, the peace starts to slip more and more. At times like this he needs an eye opener. This gift will do that for him. He will unwrap it with expectation or disdain and he will find it to contain inside itself, absolutely nothing. This should help him look up from everything else and see that once in a while, ‘nothing’ is more needed than anything else in the universe.


4. Bullet shaped gun cleaning kit: The guns that he owns may put you off a little but we’re sure that is just a passion. However, given that it is a passion you shouldn’t ignore it. Gifts are best appreciated when they help someone’s passions and this bullet shaped gun cleaning kit does just that. It looks alarmingly like a bullet and is a must have for anybody who owns guns. We are sure he has a kit already but we are also sure he doesn’t have one quite like this one. You’re the one reading our list, not him of course!


5. Genuine Swede Leather Case  for iPhone: The ultimate show of luxury in the tech industry these days is obviously the iPhone. Since the day Steve Jobs unveiled the 1st Generation iPhone in 2007, people have been going gaga over it. We are that he has one too, but to complement the luxury of the phone he needs an equally luxurious covers, and not one of those you can get at the local store. This genuine Swede Leather case for the iPhone will make him sit up and take note of your choices from now on because this piece of kit is absolutely top class. It would make any top 10 list of gifts for the man who has everything.


6. Cuisinart Grill Set: The love of grilling is an ever present among men, whether they have everything or not. This little ditty contains  chef’s spatula, grill tongs, silicone basting brush, 4 pairs of corn holders, cleaning brush, and extra brush head. Also includes aluminium storage case–perfect for the on-the-go grills. The best part is that the no rust aluminium make up assures you of a long lasting grill set. All his barbecues and grills at the beach house and at the farm house will surely be livened up by your gift and we assure you that this is one gift that will give him immense joy and will not be forgotten in a hurry.


7.  Custom Leathercraft Gloves: The love of leather is a good thing in most cases. Leather is classy and makes for a lot of useful things that we use every day. If the guy you know has a love for accessories and a love for leather too then he might just be the perfect person to own this beautiful pair of gloves from Leathercraft. There is nothing better than a pair of these for an instant mood lift. And whatever he uses them for or with, you can rest assured that he will remember you for the gift.


8. Stress Buster Desk Punching: The men who have everything have to risk a lot of it everyday in order to keep having it all and growing at the same time. They never want to be left behind because men of that kind would not be having everything in the first place. Now we know that this seems like a simple gift but this gift will allow him to let loose when everything around him gets too stressful and he has to take a break. We are sure he will love you more for your thoughtfulness and care for him.


9. Warning Sign Man Cave: The best of men have dreamed of living in a cave full of only manly things. If your man has a distinct wish to do just that then we think that there should be nothing stopping him. You should show your appreciation of his wishes with this sign. It is to warn everyone from stepping into what is exclusively man territory and no apologies will be made for what happens after that threshold. You can only hope that this sign will make him let you in, and if he doesn’t, well- we’re sorry!


10.Whiskey Set:  This 7-piece whiskey gift set from Bormioli Rocco; includes 6 9-1/2-ounce rocks glasses and 1 33.75 -ounce decanter with stopper. This beauty has been crafted in Parma, Italy from fine sands and raw materials. It has a classic rocks and glass design and features an intricate starburst pattern on the decanter. If this doesn’t win any hearts for you then we honestly do not know what will. There is not much else on the market like this set and like him, it stands for luxury and pure class. On top of all this it happens to be dishwasher and microwave safe so that he can chuck it ina and forget about it when he doesn’t need it.


11. Fried Peanuts Package: The love of peanuts is not exactly super high class. It is a memory though. And memories, as we all know can turn out to be more precious than anything else. In our memories we are unchanged and yet we are not the same. If you know someone super rich whose love of peanuts would remind him of the old days, this gift is for him. The package comes in 3 great flavours: simply salted, roasted garlic and spicy hot. Even the shell on these beauties has been turned edible because of the deep frying process involved in their manufacture. It comes in a classic iron branded canvas bag which makes for good presentation.


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