12 Gifts For Best Friends

Friends are well and truly the treasures of human life. There is no reason for them to stick by you in your times of need, no reason for the, to stand by you when the world is standing against you, no reason for the, to believe in you when you yourself don’t- no reason that is, other than friendship. That is why having the best of friends is one of the best ways to lead a happy and healthy life, because they keep the happiness in and they put the sadness out of your life. Choosing a gift for these people takes a hell of a lot of time, and sometimes the occasions do not give us that time. Normally we’d say get them something you like, but since you don’t have time we will give you an even better option, give them something from this list and watch them fall in love with you all over again.

1. Best Friends Keepsake Box from Willow Tree:

Gifts for Bestfriends

this keepsake box from willow tree will go a long way in sealing your friendship with your friend. This box is a one of a kind make which will keep him or her busy keeping the things you give them in it. The best friends are those who keep giving each other stuff even at the drop of a hat and you wouldn’t want your friend to feel otherwise would you? So we say get them this box and a lot of other things to fill it up!

2. Sterling Silver ‘Story of Friendship’ Pendant Necklace:

Gifts for Bestfriends

The story of friendship is really simple. There once were true friends, one of them gave the other a pendant and then they became best friends forever after. We are kidding of course, friendship isn’t made of such small things but friendship can surely be encouraged by these things. Even your best friend would appreciate getting something cool and caring from you for once.

3. Best Friend Framed Message:

Gifts for Bestfriends

It is true that our best friends are the closest people we have in our lives. They are the only people who can offer you truly unbiased advice and they are the only ones you can share everything with. The person who made it seem like they care about you most even when things are not going your way, that is your best friend and we recommend never letting go of them. To keep a hold of them you might want to get them this gift from our list of best gits for the best friends!

4. Enesco Best Friends Gift Mug:

Gift Ideas

A little humour in a gift is always appreciated and this mug is a funny way to tell your friend how much you love them and how much their friendship means t you. You need to keep telling your best friends this because they are not people you want to lose and everybody likes feeling loved and cared for on this world.

5. Dogeared ‘Pears of Friendship’ Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace:

Gift Ideas

Classy gifts are simply the best because class is something everybody doesn’t have. And if you are even looking at this gift longer than at the others then we know you have it and so your friend certainly will. The Dogeared company is famed for its products which are actually made to mean more than just jewels. Your friend means more than just a friend right? Well this is it. The perfect gift for your best friend.

6. Why you’re so awesome Slam book:

Gift Ideas

From time to time people lose sight of themselves and who they are and need some reassurance about why they were so good at what they did. It doesn’t take a lot to do this contrary to what you might have been thinking. There is no better way to let your best friend know how awesome he or she is, than this superb gift for your best friend. Made in an easy to fill format it is going to make life a lot easier for your friend when they go through it.

7. Best Friend Angel in Disguise Bracelet:

Gift Ideas

A best friend is an angel in disguise, says the bracelet and we cannot help but agree any more with it. Those words ring true no matter how you put them. Friends are not only loyal but also caring and honest and lovable. If you havemore than one best friend we think you should feel like the luckiest man alive!

8. Burger And Fries Matching best Friend Phone cases:

Gift Ideas

All best friends have some things common or matching. You know how you sometimes say that your best friend and you could be thought of as burger and fries? That you can’t have one without the other? Well this is it. It is time to put your money where your mouth is. This set of phone covers is in the same mould and design except for the images on the back which are of a burger and a pack of fries respectively. When people see you out there together, these covers will instantly tell them you’re best buddies. What’s more, you get to pick out whether you want to be the burger or the fry!

9. Fuck It! Button with 10 awesome funny phrases:


There are times when we need to let off some steam. Humour is the best way to do so but then even jokes can hurt people and their sensibilities at times. So the best thing to do is to enjoy the moment with an inanimate object. This Fuck it! Button is perfect for those with a bit of a temper and it can really help them all turn a new leaf, and if your best friend is one of those people then we can’t help but think that this gift would be useful to them.
10. Booze Drops Pack of Candy:


We all know that one person trying to give up the booze for good. You might even make fun of them but in the end you want what is best for them and hence we suggest you get them this gift which will help them forget the taste of alcohol and yet be tasting some of it when they really need to. The package contains six flavours-Brandy Coffee, Rum, Absinthe, Tequila Lemon, Bourbon Whiskey, Vodka Mint. 7 individually wrapped pieces of candy are found in every box and you can be sure that they will not be forgotten easily.

11. Willy The Wine Lover Bottle Stopper:

Gift Ideas

The alcoholics may have had their downs but they sure are fun people to be friends with. They love a joke and wine, and this gift sets both together in a single package. It definitely cannot get any better than this. This bottle stopper is a fun way to show them that no matter what they do and who they are, your friendship will never waver.

12. Playstation Store Gift Card:

Gift Ideas

Gamers are one of the most tightly spun, closely associated groups of people you will find on the face of the earth. And hence it is no surprise that gamers have lifelong friendships. The best thing about gamer friends is that they don’t demand much time and neither do their gifts. This Playstation Store gift card is the perfect way to show your gamer best friend that you care about his or her passion and that you are ready to stand by them when they need you to. It will make for a great connection and you will surely be remembered for it by them!

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