12 Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

Most days’ kids are happy with whatever little trinket you get them, but that is when they’re younger. If you’re looking around for a gift for one of the kids who is just about walking into teenage at the ripe smart age of 12 then you’re in for quite a battle of wits. It is not only hard to decide what to get them, but even when you do decide it might all end up being for nothing given that they might not like and you will never hear the end of it for not picking out the perfect gift. That is why you need this list! Just leave it all to us like every time and we will come to your aid like we always have, isn’t that right? Of course it is! There has never been a better list for 12-year-old boys and there never will be. Pick any item out of this list and we guarantee that you cannot disappoint the little git!

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1.14-in 1 Solar Robot: The latest rage in the electronics world is of course sun powered things. They’re even builder phone chargers and pressure cookers now that will all run by the power of the sun. And the one thing we know about little twerps these days is that they like to be in with the latest technology and solar energy IS the latest technology. Now while kids may have no use for pressure cookers just yet, robots are something they can always play with. On top of being cool robots are also great toys and this more than makes a perfect gift. What’s more this robot kit can be modified in ways to actually make 14 and not just one! You’re not getting a better deal nor a better or cooler gift. Go for it!


2. Car Designer: Kids love themselves some Fast and Furious now don’t they? We know they do, and the fascination that young boys have with cars is deep and well known. We are only going to exploit that fact by using it as a guideline for gifts. This car designer kit has every little bit your brat can ever dream of. The kit lets them play around with different looks and configurations, saving you fours of time which would have otherwise been spent around the neighbourhood apologising for his latest mistake. We are sure you can see how this gift will benefit the both of you!


3.5000 awesome facts: Knowledge is cool, and it turns out that the people who know small innocuous facts about the world are those who sit on the top of the coolness pyramid. Now you may not care about the coolness pyramid but we assure you that at 12 years of age this is all the kid can think of right now. And you can get him a head start on everybody else by letting him find himself with this book of facts. 3,500 wonderful facts to suit every taste and know every possible subject. Yes, this is how the future is going to look like, with kids being the know it all brats they have always been. You might even get him interested in some particular career with one of the facts, so you never know, it’s well worth a gamble!


4.The Boys Book of Survival: We all have known one or two bullies in our lives and we have all known that one thing which always scared us. It can be the shed near grandma’s house, it can be a spider, it can be a particular TV show- it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we had to learn to grow out of it all to survive in the real world. You can’t get away with anything out here. This book of survival tells your little boy everything he needs to know to be able to survive out in the wild or in the real world all by himself. There is no other book like this on the market and there isn’t going to be for a long time yet!

5. RC Helicopter with Gyro: This is probably the only gift on the list which came to your mind too isn’t it? Well a helicopter with gyro functions is not only top notch, it is also something that most boys at the age of 12 would want anyway! You were spot on with this one! You can pick this up from the given link and even have a personalized message added to the package with the gift option on checkout.


6.Metal detector Treasure Hunter: The times we all head dreams of finding treasure underground were numerous and even though they were mostly idle childish fantasies, childish fantasies are what drive children. Want to set up your boy to be a treasure hunter? We have just the perfect thing for you! This metal detector will not only allow him to hunt for treasure but will also greatly enhance his thinking ability and may even open up some creativity in him. The gift of creativity never hurt anyone right? And if he gets any treasure, it’s all going to come full circle!


7. Invention Kit: The best way to learn about anything is to watch it happen practically or to do it with your own hands, this is what educationists and researchers worldwide tell us. You can never go wrong with the right kind of stuff in your hands, you will surely learn something. This invention kit is the right kind of stuff for your boy. No matter what he does with it, he is going to come out of the experience with more knowledge than before and you will have gotten him a great gift along with the even greater gift of knowledge.


8. Daring Art Set: The great artists of the world had one thing in common, they were all inspired. The only thing an artist needs is inspiration. Does your boy like to doodle? We know it sounds silly but doodles are where the best artworks must have started. An inspired doodle is all that it takes to unlock the inherent potential in anybody. This 80-piece art set from Daring is going to be that piece of the jigsaw for your child, the bit of inspiration he needs to break the ceiling of imagination and go beyond his abilities. Drawing and craft is a great time pass too, so either way it’s a good buy.


9. Art of Appreciation Gift Basket Fun: We know that even though all our assurances are true and that we never let you down, sometimes it’s hard to just resist the urge of getting your boy the good old gifts. The ones where you weren’t sure what he would like so you got him a bit of everything that you knew he wouldn’t complain about. A bit of this chocolate, a bit of that toffee-we get it. Which is why we have kept something very similar on the list. This gift basket from the art of appreciation is a long way down on the list here but we can say for sure that the gifts in it are way higher up in the pecking order for your kid.


10. Electric Dirt Bike: Bikers have always been viewed as the cool bad boy figures in the society. It’s what they give off more than what we absorb, but it is true that biking as a sport and a hobby is super cool to think of and have for any teen or pre-teen as may be the case. What you don’t know is that you can get your kid a dirt cheap dirt bike to start him off on the path! We have it right here, the coolest gift any 12-year-old boy ever got!


11. Skating Protection Kit: The skaters have always been a pest for not only themselves but also for their parents. All the complaints from the neighbours and all the bruises on the knees, elbows and all the hospital visits- you start to wonder whether it’s worth all the trouble after all. Well you can’t say no the kids can you? All you can do is give them the best protection you can, and the skating protection kit here does just that! Now you don’t need to worry about broken bones anymore. This is the perfect gift for a 12-year-old boy.


12. Educational Toys Brick Set: Wouldn’t it be great if your gift not only delighted them but also taught them some interesting and important things/ Well this gift does just that! The educational toys brick set here allows your kid to build his own line of the automobiles used in the construction business. It might get him in love with architecture too! Who knows, this might be the best choice you ever made so don’t think too much- just order it!


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