Garden Tub Bath Lift Buyers Guide

Bath tub lifts are very useful for people who are elderly or disabled due to an accident, disease, pregnancy or some other reason and have limited amount of mobility as a result. These days, many companies are coming out with very useful garden tub bath lifts comprising of a number of assistive features. There are units available that do not involve any costly remodeling or intensive drilling. If you are looking for a good garden tub bath lift, any of the following can be a good choice.

Aquatec Fortuna

It has a weight of merely 26 pounds and is compact in size. It offers a lot of ease of use and is built with reinforced lifting mechanism. The device can easily be set up, considering it has a low bulk. Despite its low bulk, it can is able to support a maximum weight of 260 pounds. The unit comes with lateral support for pediatric use and a series of accessories. The bath lift comes with a stable and strong frame.

Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift

This can be a great garden tub bath lift which has a compact frame. It can easily fit into any type of bath tub. The unit is able to lower you to 2 ¾ inch. It comprises of a chair that is fitted with a supportive backrest and can recline at a 50 ° angle. It has a complimentary seat and back cover. The device comes with a 3-year warranty period.

The unit offers a strong performance and comes with large flaps on each side which can help transfer your body quite easily. It also comes with an optional swivel slide seat or swivel transfer seat that can offer you greater convenience while transferring you. The unit is powered by a lithium ion battery that charges up in only 1 hour, where other devices take a whole night to get charged up. It is perfect for elderly or disabled people and it can transfer you easily from a seated posture to a wheelchair.

Neptune Bath Lift

The bath lift has a low seat height and can help shallow bath users immerse their body in an optimal manner. It has a compact design that makes sure it does not take up much space at the time of usage or even storage. The unique design of the bath lift helps it to easily fit tubs of any size or shape. This is a lightweight device and can provide users with a lot of leg space.

It is ideal for homes which have water meters. The bath tub lift only has a total weight of 20.94 pounds and has a compact shape which removes risks of injuries or shifting for you.

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift

This chair has been completely built of plastic. But it has a solid construction. This strong bath lift chair comes with a perfect backrest that you can leave reclined or upright – just any way that you wish. You may prefer any angle for reclining its backrest, which can be reclined to an angle of up to 40 °. The unit can be operated with the help of a waterproof hand controller consisting of large-sized, textured control pads that can help older people with bad eyesight.

This is a safe device considering the fact that it does not lower bathers unless there is sufficient charge to lift users back. When it does not have much power left and needs to be recharged, it will inform you through a warning indicator light and an audible “beep” sound. This way, you can easily understand when you have to charge it up once again. The device is stable and strong in construction and can last for long. You can easily clean up this bath lift, without experiencing any hassles during the cleaning process.

Invacare Bariatric Shower Chair

This bath lift chair has legs with adjustable height. You will be able to adjust the seat height to 20.5 inches from 16.25 inches. The unit is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 700 pounds. The backrest of the unit can easily snap into the assembled seat frame. The setup procedure is quite easy and you will not need any type of tools or specialized equipment for the installation.

The unit is made of aluminum frame having a cross brace design, which offers very high stability. The frame ensures that you can get to use it for many years to come. The durable unit is perfect for heavy people with a wide and deep seating surface. This offers more stability to bulky people while they are in shower.

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