Folding Shower Bench Seats and Stools

Portability is oftentimes a major factor when deciding on a suitable bath stool for yourself or your loved one. The chair below is the clear favourite for most of our patients who desire such a feature because it is stable, foldable and portable.

MedMobile Folding Shower Chair with Handles and Drainage Holes

Folding Shower Bench Stool


  • Overall Capacity: 250 lbs (114 kg)
  • Overall dimension is 19″(L) x 15″(W) x 20″(H).
  • Leg Base Dimension is 17″ (W) x 12.5″ (D).
  • This folding shower chair fits into all standard 60″ x 30″ bath tub (refer to above leg base dimension), but can be used outside of the bathtub as well.


  • The chair is easy to fold up and unfold
  • It is durable and can last you for years
  • It feels very comfortable to sit in while showering
  • It is light but very stable making you feel solid and safe during bathing
  • It is easy to get up from a sitting position
  • The chair and its frame are strong and well built
  • It can be moved around easily in the shower or in and out of the tub because it is very light
  • Fits most normal sized tubs but can seem a bit big if you have a small shower
  • The chair does not rust and the drainage holes prevent water from collecting on the seat.
  • It has a perfect height
  • Delivered on time without any delay


  • It does not lock in the open unfolded position and as such may collapse without warning if the rubber grips are not contacting the floor properly.
  • The part that supports the back is kind of floppy.

Usage Tips

  • Test it with your hands by pressing down on it before sitting to make sure that it will not collapse.
  • Make sure the rubber grips on the legs are gripping the floor properly
  • When you are using this chair try to be very watchful and not make any sudden forward movements because the chair could collapse suddenly
  • Do not fold it when you don’t have to.

My Advice

This is a highly portable stool and despite the very light weight, it is very strongly built and stable and can last for years without any problems. The only key negative to this product is that it could collapse during use especially if the rubber grips on the legs are not gripping the floor properly although it is easy to prevent this (see the Usage Tips above for how). On the whole, I recommend it as an excellent and long lasting buy that does the job very well.

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