Electric Recliner Sofa

Electric Recliner Sofa ReviewProduct Review: Homelegance 9700BLK-3 Double Reclining Sofa, Black Bonded Leather

Link: Click Here

Company: Amazon via Homelegance

Price Range: $350 – $450

Measurement: 40’’ Height X 40’’ Width X 79’’ Length, Seat Depth 22’’ Seat Height 21’’

Assembled? No

Who Should Buy This:

This electric recliner sofa will take care of your body as you relax. If you have been suffering from neck pain after taking a nap, it is possible that your recliner is no longer that dependable. This 3-people recliner sofa is spacious and operates on power. There is a variety of positions that it can achieve easily in front of your eyes. The mechanism is advanced and that is why it is noiseless. Once you settle in it, you would get a sense of lightness because of the high-density foam. It is a great piece of furniture for your living room and can accommodate 3 people effortlessly. When there are no guests, you could lie down in it and enjoy the feel of padded cushions all over.

Bonded leather covers the seats while faux leather covers the sides. It surely makes the seats tough and the whole recliner looks elegant. The footrest of each chair operates separately. When it arrives at your residence, you just need to fix the back to start using it.

What you will like most about this electric recliner sofa:

  • The best way to enjoy afternoon naps is here. The over puffed arms, seat, and back of the recliner will provide you comfort as may have never imagined
  • The faux leather sofa operates fully on power. You need not make any effort to change its posture
  • Made for 3 people, the recliner is a perfect living room furniture in which you can sit with your friends and catch something interesting on TV
  • Assembling the electric recliner sofa is easy because only the back needs to be fixed on to it

What You May Not Like:

  • While leather feels smooth, velvet feels cozy. Check out this velvet recliner if that is what you prefer more http://www.amazon.com/Coaster-Home-Furnishings-Casual-Motion/dp/B009B1KHYI/

Maintenance or Other Tips for Using the Product:

  • Being tough, there is no chance of tearing under normal circumstances. You will only require cleaning the recliner occasionally. You could do that with mild detergent and water. Before using it again, remove any water deposits that may have formed in the grooves during cleaning.

Value for money?

This electric recliner sofa is priced reasonably and gets a thumbs-up for both looks and utility. With this one piece, you could create a comfortable environment in your living room. Go for it; your friends will only have good things to say about it.


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