Electric Recliner Chair

Electric Recliner Chair Leather For SaleProduct Review: Homelegance 8545-1 LT Power Lift Recliner Chair, Dark Brown Bonded Leather

Link: Click Here

Company: Amazon via Homelegance

Price Range: $472.99 – $552.99

Measurement: 42’’ Height X 31’’ X 36.5’’ Can bear up to 300lbs.

Assembled? No

Who Should Buy This:

Sit, lean back, and relax in complete comfort with this electric recliner chair. Its heavily padded back and seat offer ideal support for your back when you sit. If you work on a laptop for long hours, this recliner is what you need. Its operation is simple, you only need to use buttons on the remote to achieve the right position. As there are multiple settings on the remote, you could experiment with different positions and select the most comfortable one.

The footrest smoothly lifts up and you could slip into the half-sleeping position. This recliner is ideal for working in a sitting position as well as for quick naps. The material is bonded leather meaning pieces of leather bonded together; this kind of leather offers durability of many years. The power recliner is easy to put together; you simply need to put the back in place. No tools are required for that.

What you Will Like Most About this Electric Recliner Chair

  • You can say goodbye to annoying body pain that you get every time you sit for extended hours
  • The soft cushioned power recliner will keep your muscles relaxed while you work or take a nap
  • The leather is superior quality with great strength
  • The puffed back and seat provide exceptional comfort irrespective of your posture
  • The brown color is appealing and gels well with all types of interior décors
  • For assembling this electric recliner chair, you do not need any equipment

What You May Not Like

  • If you would like your recliner to have additional features like heating, and vibrating massage action, then this is not the recliner for you. Instead you may want to take a look at this http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GI1OH8G/ref=psdc_5264133011_t2_B00JGHDI6Q

Tips for Using the Chair

  • It is foremost a very friendly product requiring no special maintenance. When you see dust has settled on the exterior, you should wipe the surface clean with a leather cleaning solution.

Value for Money?

This electric recliner chair is your answer to comfortable furniture. Once you settle in it, you will not feel like sitting on any other chair. The material is top quality and its appearance exudes elegance. The price is justified for the number of benefits it comes with.

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