Deltis Bath Master Series – What Makes It Unique?

Bathmater is one of the most reputed names in the manufacturing of bath lifts on the market. The bath lifts from this brand are superior in quality and boast of an amazing construction. The Deltis Bath Master series is one of its most excellent offerings and many bathers have appreciated the unit for its unique design, build and ease of use. There are three offerings in this series – Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift, Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift and Bathmaster Deltis XL Bath Lift with Blue Cover. Read and know all about this bathing accessory series, which has been helping disabled and debilitated bathers for quite some time now.


Designed to make the pleasure of taking a bath safer and easier, for both user and carer, the Bathmaster Deltis bathtub chair is a fully battery powered, self-contained bath seat which requires no plumbing or electrical installation and is suitable for use in either domestic or institutional situations. The Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift – which is one of the best bath lifts in the Deltis Bath Master series – features an advanced battery technology that allows approximately 6 lifts on one full charge, and can be fully charged in only 1 hour.

Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift is the only lift on the market today that has charges fully in one-hour. One of the most innovative and appealing aspects of the Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift is the super fast one-hour charging time. Comparable bath lifts available today take overnight to re-charge.


The Bathmaster Deltis bathtub lift chair has a compact frame that virtually fits any tub and is one of the lightest reclining bath lift chairs available. The frame stands on four suction feet that may be rotated to suit the curved floor of the bath. This high quality, battery operated bath lift is fitted with a reclining backrest and extremely compact frame which offers superior comfort for the user and ensures this bath lift will fit virtually any bath tub.

It includes large side flaps and an optional swivel seat that allows easy transfer in and out of the bath. The bath lift folds in a compact manner and separates into two parts, enabling it to be carried, transported and stored easily.


Each of the bath lift in the Bathmaster series is specially designed to enable a user to easily get in and out of the bath. No installation or wiring is required. The snap-together design and built in holding points make assembly, disassembly, and moving of the Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift practically effortless. Seat and back simply click together for assembly, or snap apart for removal. The lightweight compact yet durable plastic design makes cleaning your Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift easy and ensures years of use.

Ease of Use

Designed to offer maximum durability and stability the all plastic frame is modern, easy to clean and corrosion resistant giving the user confidence and providing hassle free, long-term usage. Integral ‘pull- up’ tabs on the suction feet, plus a rear release system, enable the Bathmaster Deltis to be easily removed from the bath. The Bathmaster Deltis bath lift is a patient bathing device intended to assist a bather into and out of the bath.

The Bathmaster Deltis is easily positioned in any standard bath. Its hand controller is small, lightweight and easy to use. It floats for an easy recovery if dropped and the lithium ion batteries provide improved performance and battery life. The controller plugs in, preventing damage to leads during transport. Replacement components and accessories are easily available.


When assisting seniors or disabled individuals from a wheelchair or other seated position, the swivel slide seat accessory proves invaluable! Large flaps on the side of the Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift allow for easy transfers and an optional swivel slide seat or swivel transfer seat are available as an assistive aid for transfer in and out of the bath tub. Operation of the bath lift is simple and large textured control pads assist the visually impaired.


The latest battery technology ensures high performance. An audible beeping sound and warning light notify you when the reclining bath lift needs to be charged, and an intelligent built-in safety system prevents the lift from lowering unless it has enough power to raise the user out of the bathtub.

The sturdy motor provides long term durability. The waterproof motor is designed for long term protection against failure or damage. It is offered with a four-year warranty period.

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