Catnapper Power Recliner

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Product Review: Catnapper Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner – Camel

Company: Amazon via Catnapper

Price Range: $749.00 – $849.00

Measurement: 42’’ Height X 45’’ Width X 44’’ Length Can bear weight up to 350lbs.

Assembled? No

Color: Camel, Sage

Who Should Buy This:

Comfort should be easy and this catnapper power recliner makes it available at the push of a button. The recliner is equipped with 15 durable coils that provide the right kind of support when you sit and relax. Moreover, when you switch on the heating option, the coils heat up uniformly and allow you to experience optimum comfort during the chilliest days. The back, which is quite tall, can be made straight for the perfect back and neck support. Surely, the fabric recliner can help you recover from surgery. It can take up a maximum of 350lbs. The coils are covered in foam, which keeps them in shape. The fabric is polyester, well known for its durability and smoothness. It is also anti-tear and anti-discoloration. The power recliner is made to function silently. Available in pastel shades (camel and sage), the recliner will blend in well with your décor.

You will get the polyester recliner partially assembled. Like others, you will be able to put it together in few minutes.

What you will like most about this catnapper power recliner:

  • Feel extraordinary comfort effortlessly with this recliner. By pushing a button, you can have its back move back and forth as well as can move up the footrest
  • The recliner heats up uniformly, thanks to the coils. They are covered in thick foam for greater durability and prolonged heating
  • The fabric recliner is ideal for people weighing as far as 350lbs
  • The padded back and seat of this catnapper power recliner create fantastic bounce
  • Assembling the product is super easy, as you need not use any hardware

What You May Not Like:

  • The product is heavily padded all over. However, if you prefer even more padding, you may go for this

Maintenance or Other Tips for Using the Product:

  • The polyester fabric is sturdy and does not need any strict maintenance. Nevertheless, when cleaning the recliner, use only a mild fabric cleaner. Moreover, you should dry it off completely before using it again.

Value for money?

You will not regret your decision of buying this catnapper power recliner because it is now available at the best price. The combination of numerous features and high comfort is hard to find at such a price.


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