Bellavita Reclining Bath Lift – A Bath Lift that Stands Out

There is hardly any individual who does not like to soak in the bath and have a warm, relaxing feeling after a hard day at work. A good bath helps ease all pains and aches but not everyone can enjoy a relaxing bath, especially those who suffer from joint pains and problems due to old age or a debilitating condition. Reclining bath lifts are able to move you into and out of your bath tub and allow you to bath despite your painful conditions and physical problems. There are many reputed manufacturers of bath lifts and Drive Medical is one of them. Among the various high quality bath lifts from the company is the Bellavita Reclining Bath Lift, which has been earning appreciation and brisk sales revenues from all quarters. Read and know why it stands out.

Build and Construction

This is one of the most popular bathtub lifts that you can get on the market. This is an innovative product which is light in weight at a mere 20.5 pounds. It weighs low, and is therefore easy to carry around and set up. The unit has a tool free assembly and you can set it up with a lot of ease. The seat can be lowered to 2.3” and you can even take it to a maximum height of 18.8 inches, which makes it perfect for deep bath tubs. The backrest, when at its lowest position, is able to recline at a 50 ° angle. The unit has a 2-piece construction, and this makes it ideal for you to assemble the lift as well as disassemble it easily for the purpose of transportation.

This is probably the most lightweight bath lifts that you can find on the market. But the entire unit is able to support up to 300lbs of weight. This reclining bath lift comprises of a seat that is adjustable in nature and ideal for deeper bath tubs. It comes with a thin gel washable seat as well as back-cover which takes care the aspect of hygiene and cleanliness. The padded backrest of the bath lift is comfortable, and can recline to a 50 ° angle at the lowest position of its seat. It consists of as many as 4 fast release suction cups and there is also the option for two more for its anti-slip bath base.

Ease of Use

With a simple button touch, you can get to the bottom of your tub and eve come back after you have finished. While you are going down, the reclining back will provide you with optimal comfort and space.

The unit boasts of as many as 4 fast-release suction cups that offer an anti-slip base to provide you with greater amount of security and safety. Other than all of its special features, the lift comes with a number of extra provisions to take care of your convenience. There is a swivel slide transfer device and an optional headrest that makes transfer easy at the time of bathing.

The setup process of the unit does not need the use of any tools and you can install as well as operate the device in an easy manner. For enhanced comfort, there is padded seat and backrest. Headrest is also provided as an additional option.

The reclining bath lift has been designed and developed with the assistance of healthcare professionals. There is a 3 years guarantee on handset / battery and a lifetime warranty on motor & frame. This is a very advanced bathing accessory which takes care of all the modern bathing requirements although it has a strict clinical and austere appearance. The unit gives you a bathing experience that few other products can provide you with. The washable hygienic covers of the product can be availed in varied colors, such as grey, blue or white. The slim-line profile and hygienic cutaway make it easy for bathers to handle the unit.


The bath lift comes with a watertight hand control which is able to float on water. It can be accessed and used with ease. You can easily operate its handset, which comes with buttons that are ideal for even visually impaired individuals. The Bellavita Reclining Bath Lift is powered by a simple lithium-ion battery which can be charged quickly.


When you are not using it, you can fold down the back of this unit easily in order to store it more conveniently and save more space in the process. Its back is able to fold and allow you a space-saving storage.

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