Bathmaster Xtra – What makes it Unique?

For people who are aged or suffering some debilitating condition or weakened by a disease, bath lifts prove to be very useful tools that allow them to enjoy a good bath without their condition being an impediment in their bathing activities. Bathmaster is one of the most reputed manufacturers of bathing accessories, such as bath lifts, and the Bathmaster Xtra Bath Lift is one of its best offerings. Read on to know all about this useful bathing accessory and how it can help you.


The unit consists of a spacious seat and comprises of a 4 position reclining backrest. It has been designed to offer more space and comfort at the time of bathing. While the bath lift is in the topmost position, the side flaps of the unit make up a secure board across the bath and this can make side transfers easier. There is a push-button handset which regulates the lowering and raising of the lift.

There are as many as 4 backrest positions and it can easily fit bath tubs of most standard sizes. There is enough comfort and leg space for users. The back rest is removable and taking it off can reduce the weight of the unit and make it easier for you to manage it. The closed cell foam covers are also removable and quite affordable to replace. The covers are easy to fit and remove. You will not get any uneasy press studs.

The unit has stainless steel frame and fixings. It makes use of a scissor action lifting mechanism and its reclining backrest helps users to relax and get immersed in the bath. The device is designed to last for a long time and does not need any servicing.


The unit consists of a stainless steel frame and consists of a mesh seat as well as backrest to allow rapid drainage of water. You can adjust the backrest to 4 varied reclining positions. The unit has a height-adjustable seat. The frame is securely held in position on the bath floor with suction cups. The controls can be hand held by using an extendable cord by attendant or user. The presence of suction cups over the control unit helps you to attach the controls to the side of the bath lift to be accessed easily.


The bath lift chair is powered by a battery that is placed at its back. The height adjustable bath lift draws power from the battery that is placed inside it. The lift consists of a reclining backrest which draws power from the rechargeable battery. An attendant or a user can operate it by making use of a waterproof hand control along with low battery LED warning indicator.


The unit will lower you into the water only in case there is enough power in the battery to lift you back up again. The Bathmaster Xtra is simple in operation and is built of superior quality materials. The unit can be divided into two distinct sections in order to make the handling more convenient. When folded, the seat locks down and allows safe transportation. The in-built safety mechanism makes sure that in case the batteries are losing power and even if the lift cannot be lowered, it can be raised always.


You can remove the foam covers and wash them in machine. The unit comes with a Swivel Transfer Kit, which comprises of a large padded circular seat than can slide along a horizontal track on the seat of the unit. The kit helps users to transfer in an easier way to and from the unit.

You can angle the feet in numerous directions in order to fit the curvature of the bottom of the tub. The covers, which are washable in machine, can easily be removed and replaced. The extra sets can be availed at an inexpensive cost.

For additional comfort, the side flaps, back and seat have been integrated with padded covers. All of these can be removed and washed. There is also a headrest available for more security and control. The device can be folded. It has a light weight of about 12 kg and it can be carried and stored easily.


The unit lowers and lifts you easily to and from tubs. The device has been designed to provide caregivers and users with the best services. The operations are quite and smooth and can provide users with a lot of confidence. This is a very stable unit and the presence of 2 sucker feet prevents motion while 2 dimpled feet help in removing the lift from the tub.

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