Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Tub Lift Chair Review

This bath lift for the elderly and disabled is made of all-plastic and is easy to clean, well built, strong and durable. It is stable, sturdy and can last for many years. The backrest can be left upright or reclined to a more relaxed position. Any angle can be selected and reclined up to 40 degrees to achieve a comfortable position.

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift

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The hand controller is waterproof and has large, textured control pads to assist the visually impaired. Best of all there is also a built-in safety mechanism that will not allow the bath lift to lower into the tub if there is not enough charge to lift the user back up. The controller will also show a warning light and sound an audible beep letting the user know that the device is running low on power and needs to be recharged.

Product Description

  • Large side flaps allow for easy transfers
  • Back recline stops at any angle
  • Simple operation
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Will not lower if there is not sufficient power to raise the user


  • Very comfortable
  • Strongly built, Safe and Sturdy
  • Easy to control
  • Very easy to set up
  • Light and Easy to disassemble and carry
  • The hand controller is waterproof
  • Optional Swivel Seat
  • More comfort while reclining because the speed is automatically reduced
  • There is a safety mechanism that prevents the chair from being lowered, if the battery charge will be too low to raise it back up


  • Some people have experienced problems with the controller not able to retain the charge for more than a few hours hence you may need to recharge it often.

My Advice

The Bathmaster Sonaris is a very comfortable device that is easy to assemble, use and carry. Despite its light weight, it is strongly built, lasts long and has an unbeatable 5 year warranty.. The only key negative to this product is that some people have experienced problems with the controller not being able to retain the charge for more than a few hours hence you may need to recharge it often. The good thing is that charging is a breeze. I recommend this product if you don’t mind charging it at least once a day.

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