Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift Review

Reclining bath lifts are in great demand among bathers without the ability to move about well enough. These make transfer into and out of bath tubs a cakewalk, and a reclining backrest makes bathing more comfortable. The Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift is a high quality bath lift from Bathmaster, a reputed company, and has been getting many positive feedbacks from buyers. Read this review to know whether or not this bath lift can be ideal for your use.


The bath lift has a compact frame which makes it a perfect fit for any tub. This is one of the most lightweight reclining bath lift chairs and its frame can stand on 4 suction feet which can be rotated to suit curved bath floors. This is a high quality bath lift that is battery operated and comes with a very compact frame and a reclining backrest that can provide bathers with much comfort. The bath lift can be a perfect fit for bath tubs of any type.

This is the only bath lift to be found which can get charged exactly in an hour. The unit can be charged up very fast, unlike most other bath lifts that take an entire night to get charged completely. The unit comes with an advanced battery technology which helps bathers get about 6 lifts on a single charge. The battery can be completely charged up in just 1 hour. It comes with large side flaps as well as an optional swivel seat which can help in transferring you easily in and out of the bath. You can completely fold the bath lift in 2 parts and carry, transport and store it quite easily.

You can easily place the bath lift in any standard bath. It has a small hand controller which is light in weight and can easily be used. The handset is floatable and readily accessed while bathing. It is powered by lithium ion batteries which can ensure enhanced battery life and performance. Its controller can plug in and prevent damage to the leads at the time of being transported. You can easily get the replacement accessories and components.

The Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift can be removed easily from the bath, tub due to a rear release system and integral ‘pull- up’ tabs on the suction feet. It has a plastic frame that offers maximum stability and durability. It is advanced and can easily be cleaned. This is a corrosion resistant device, which means you will be able to use it for many years.


This is a self-contained and fully battery powered bath seat that needs no electrical installation or plumbing. It is perfect for use in homes as well as institutions. It comes with a snap-together design and the presence of built-in holding points makes setup, dismantling and moving of the bath lift completely effortless. You can easily click the back and seat together for setup, or snap them apart for removal. The compact, lightweight and durable design makes it easy for you to clean the bath lift and use it for many years to come.

There is an optional swivel slide seat or swivel transfer seat which can help transfer you easily into and out of tubs. There are large flaps on either side of the unit which make it easy for you to shift. The bath lift has a simple operation and even those with poor eyesight can benefit from the large and textured control pads on the hand controller.

This is a safe device. Its smart in-built safety system prevents lowering of the lift unless it has enough power to raise the user out of the bathtub. The unit ensures high performance due to its latest battery technology. When the reclining bath lift needs to be charged, a warning light and an audible beeping sound will notify you about the same. The strong motor ensures a long life. The motor is waterproof and has been designed for long term protection against damage or failure. It is covered by a warranty period of 4 years.


Some buyers report that a limited amount of assembly is needed in order to set up this bath lift.


Overall, this is a great bath lift to try. Most people who have purchased the unit appreciate the fact that it provides them with complete independence and negates the requirement of any personal help. This is regarded as a very useful aid for people who experience difficulties in bathing. The unit is well-built and easy to operate.