Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift Review

Amazon.com_ Bathmaster Deltis XL Bath Lift with Blue Cover, Premium Charger and

Some of our very heavy patients who cannot walk and cannot afford the luxury of a walk-in bath find bathing in the tub to be a major challenge especially because of their weight. That is why it was a huge relief for me when Bill, a 58 year obese paraplegic informed me that he had received a bath lift chair as a gift from the foundation. After a month of use, I asked him to give me his evaluation of the bathlift. Add to that some research I did with other patients and here is what I gathered about this particular device.

Bathmaster Deltis XL Bath Lift with Blue Cover, Premium Charger and 375 Lb (170kg) Weight Capacity

Amazon.com_ Bathmaster Deltis XL Bath Lift with Blue Cover, Premium Charger and

The Bathmaster Deltis Extra Large is ideal for big, heavy and obese people because it can withstand very heavy weights up to 375 pounds (170 kg). Setup is easy and tool free and the two piece construction makes it easy to assemble/disassemble for transport.

Large flaps on the side of the Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift allow for easy transfers and an optional swivel slide seat or swivel transfer seat are available as an assistive aid for transfer in and out of the bath tub.

Product Details

  • Weight Capacity – 375 lbs (170kg).
  • Easy installation and transportation
  • Recharges in 1 hour
  • Latest battery technology ensures high performance-Lithium ion
  • Super fast recharging time of 1 hour.


  • This bath lift chair is built very strong and guaranteed to last long
  • It can handle very big and heavy people
  • The battery charges very fast
  • It is not difficult to set up
  • The controls are easy to use
  • The packaging is very good and the delivery is prompt
  • It is easy to keep clean even when left in the tub


  • Does not work very well for very tall people unless the tub is relatively long

Usage Tips

  • If you are very tall make sure you have a relatively long tub

My Advice

This bath lift chair had some of the best reviews out of all that I sampled in this category. The only key negative to this product is the fact that if you are very tall, you need to have a longer tub so that there will be more leg room. But if you are not very tall I recommend it as an excellent and long lasting buy.

More Information

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