Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift – Why Is It So Popular?

Bath lifts are indispensable for people who are elderly or diseased and suffer from difficulties in taking a bath, due to painful conditions or debilitating disorders. However, pregnant women and infants also have issues in taking a bath unlike healthy adults. Bathmaster is one of the best known names in the manufacturing of bathing accessories, such as bath lifts and bath chairs. The Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift is one of the best products from the brand. Read on to know all about the device and why it is so popular among users all over.


This product comes with a compact frame which makes it perfectly fit into bath tubs of any type. You can maneuver the unit in an easy manner and this is one of the greatest things to boast about the product. The unit boasts of a snap-together design and you can conveniently click the seat and the back together to get an easy assembly. You can easily snap the two apart in order to disassemble the model.

Built into this model are a variety of holding points. These make it more convenient for you to set up, take apart and move this bathing system. There are textured and large control pads which can help people with bad eyesight. You can easily adjust and reduce its speed. The lift consists of large flaps on either side and these can help in transferring your body in an easy manner.

The device provides bathers with the greatest amount of comfort and safety and you will not need any servicing for many years. Bathmaster has made use of high quality materials in constructing this unit. You can divide this model into 2 individual sections. This can make it easier for you to assemble as well as disassemble the product and also take it along when you are going on a long trip or to the house of a distant family member or friend for a few days. It is undoubtedly one of the best bath lifts from the stable of Bathmaster.


This chair can lower you to 2 3/4″. There is a swivel transfer seat or optional swivel slide seat which can provide you with more convenience at the time of transfers. The angle of recline of this system is good enough. The device consists of a chair which has a supportive backrest that is able to recline at a 50 ° angle. The model has a swivel slide seat which is ideal for disabled or elderly individuals and it can easily transfer you to a wheelchair from a seated position.

You can recline it to a maximum angle of 50 degrees and bathers are able to get the safest and most comfortable position for bathing. The triple sealed waterproof hand controller can help you to adjust the level of reclining of its backrest in an easy manner, once the device goes down. At the time of reclining the backrest, you will be able to get enough leg space and this can offer you the greatest amount of comfort. There is a complimentary seat and back cover.

The backrest of the device is good enough and you can recline it or leave it upright. When the unit does not have enough charge and needs to be recharged, its controller will notify you about the same with its warning indicator light and an audible “beep” sound. It is a safe system considering the fact that it will not lower you in the absence of enough charge to lift you back to the top.

It has the newest battery technology which assures a high performance. The lift can easily be assembled and you do not any technical knowledge for the assembly.


The device is powered by a strong lithium ion battery. The device gives a strong performance and it is able to draw power from a lithium ion battery that is fitted in it. The lift sports a smart battery technology which can help them get as many as 6 lifts on only one charge. The device uses a smart technology and it does not lower you unless there is enough charge to lift you back from the tub. You can charge the battery within a span of one hour, whereas other units of a similar type take an entire night in order to be charged up again. The unit has been provided with a warranty period of 3 years. The device has been offered with a 3-year Patterson Medical Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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