Bathmaster Complaints – What are the Biggest Complaints about Bathmaster Bath Lift Chairs?

Bathing is known to be one of the most relaxing activities of the day for any person. However, not everyone has the strength to take a bath properly. While healthy people cannot even believe such a thing, it is a well-known and painful fact for people who are aged, pregnant, diseased or disabled in some way. Bathmaster, one of the most reputed makers of bathing accessories in the market, has some amazing bath lifts that are designed to help such people take bath in an easy and comfortable manner – without letting their painful symptoms come in their way of taking a nice and enjoyable bath. Although it has some great products on offer, they also have some aspects that have been complained about by quite a few users. Read on to know about some of the major Bathmaster complaints.

Bathmaster Deltis XL Bath Lift with Blue Cover, Premium Charger and 375 Lb (170kg) Weight Capacity

Description: The product has been designed for obese, heavy and big people. It is able to support weight of up to 375 pounds. It has an easy and tool-free assembly. The 2-piece construction of the unit makes it easy for you to assemble or disassemble the unit and transport it easily. The product comes with big flaps on its sides, which help in easy transfers. There is also a swivel transfer seat and an optional swivel slide seat which can provide bathers with more help in shifting in and out of tubs.

Complaint: The major complaint about the unit is the fact that it does not work well enough for people who are too tall – unless they have a comparatively long tub.

Recommendation: Make sure that you have a comparatively long tub in case you are too tall in size.

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift

Description: This product is for disabled and elderly individuals and it has been made entirely out of plastic. It is strong, well-constructed, long-lasting and easy to clean. It is sturdy, stable and is able to last for a long time. Its backrest can be reclined to a very relaxed posture or left upright. You can choose any angle and recline the backrest up to 40 ° in order to get a more comfortable posture.

The unit can be operated with the aid of a waterproof hand controller. It consists of textured, large control pads which can be very useful for people with poor eyesight. The best thing about the product is possibly the fact that it comes with an in-built safety mechanism which can ensure that you are not lowered into a bath tub unless there is sufficient charge to lift you back. The hand controller will also produce an audible “beep” sound and show a warning indicator light in order to let you know that the device is running low on battery power and you have to recharge it immediately.

Complaint: The only major complaint about this otherwise great product is the fact that some users have experienced some issues with its hand controller. The controller is unable to retain the charge for over a few hours. Naturally, you may have to recharge it time and again. Some users have complained that the controller has to be recharged after a few hours each and every time.

Recommendation: It is recommended that you charge it a minimum of once every day. The best thing is probably the fact that it can easily be charged.

Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift and Accessories with Blue Cover and Premium Charger

Description: The product makes it easy for you to shift in and out of the tub. It is made of high quality material and you can separate it into two individual sections, which makes it easy for you to set up, remove and transport the product. It is powered by a lithium ion battery which has a long life. The device operates with a sturdy and waterproof motor which has been designed to offer long-time protection against damage or failure. The optional swivel seat and large side flaps make it easy for you to move in and out of your tub. The compact frame of the unit ensures that it can fit the contours of most bath tubs of a standard size.

Complaint: The only complaint about the product is probably the fact that it does not work too well for people who are too tall in stature, unless the tub is comparatively long.

Recommendation: Make sure that you get a longer bath tub in case you are too tall in stature.