Bath Tub Lifter – Some of the Best Choices in the Market

Bath lifts are affordable substitutes for walk-in baths. These have been designed to assist the elderly and infirm get into their bathtubs and out of them in a safe way. They lower your body in a gentle manner into your tub and also raise your body to the top after you have enjoyed a relaxing bath. You can find numerous kinds of bath lifts in the market today, which makes it tough for buyers to choose a good one for themselves. There are many options to choose from, considering the many new ones that enter the market each and every day. Take a look at some of the best bath tub lifter choices that you have today.

Drive Medical Blue Whisper Ultra Quiet Bathtub Lift, Grey

This bath lift has a weight of merely 20.5 pounds. The seat of the lift can be lowered to 2.3 inches. The seat can go as high up as 18 inches. Its backrest is able to recline to an angle of 50 degrees, when at its lowest position. When it is not being used, you can easily fold down the back of the lift in order to store the product conveniently and save space in the process. The 2-piece construction of the lift makes it easy for you to assemble as well as disassemble it for easy transportation. There are as many as 4 quick release suction cups. There is also the provision for 2 extra cups for anti-slip bath base.

The product consists of safety controls that are in-built. The floating hand control is fully water tight and the control buttons can easily be accessed at the time of bathing. The lift can be installed and maneuvered with ease, as the installation is fully tool free.

Bellavita Bath Lift

The bath lift has an ergonomic design, which ensures more safety and comfort. Its covers are comfortable, washable and hygienic. The reclining backrest and the low seat of the product assures of good immersion while inside your bathtub. It comes with a user-friendly hand control that makes its installation and maneuvering easy. It has 4 quick releasers of non-slip variety which securely hold the lift as you take bath.

Mobility Bath Lift

This motorized belt bath lift comes with complete guarantee. It is safe and can be used easily by those who find it more and more difficult to get in and out of their tubs. The lift comes with many safety features and it is powered by a 12 V rechargeable battery pack which is supplied along with the product. Due to the presence of the battery, there is no need to have an AC main in your bathroom. All of its mechanical components are constructed of stainless steel of marine grade, which means it will last for a long time.

The features of the lifter comprise of a battery recharging indicator, water temperature indicator and remote control. You will feel better due to the presence of a completely washable sliding seat. The installation is pretty straightforward and the bathlift is able to support a maximum of 140 kg.

Sonaris Bathmaster Bathlift Complete

This is a portable and modular bath lift and is a 2-piece product with plastic reclining. The lift can fit baths of most sizes and shapes. It has sucker feet which can be angled in any way in order fit the curvature of the bath and make sure that it is safe and stable while in use. There is a contoured backrest and seat for comfort and support.

The bathlift consists of two components which are light in weight and can click together easily to help in simple and fast assembly, set-up and removal. It has large control pads which are textured in order to help those who suffer from visual impairment. These can easily be operated with even slight pressing. There is a warning light and an audible bleep which can help you to know when you need to charge the battery and when you should stop using the bathlift.

Bathlift Bathmaster Deltis Premium with Blue Covers UK

This premium bath lift comes with a compact frame that can fit almost all types of bath tubs. The lift can easily be assembled and you do not any technical knowledge for the assembly. The lift has blue covers. It has the newest battery technology which assures a high performance. The service-free, bespoke motor offer long-term durability.

When you are looking for a good bath tub lifter, any of the ones that have been mentioned above can be ideal for you.