Bath Patient Lift – 4 Best Bath Lifts for Patients

Bath lifts are very useful pieces of equipment for patients of various types of disorders, who need help in carrying out bathing. The market is filled with many bath tub lifts which are medically approved and even used in various hospitals, nursing homes, old homes and also many other care-giving institutions the world over. Read on to find out which bath patient lift you can choose from the ones which have been mentioned here.

Aquatec A13705 Reclining Special Back Support for Water Powered Bathlifts

This Aquatec A13705 Reclining bath lift comprises of side wings that are adjustable. . The device can support a maximum weight of 330 pounds. It has a water powered recline and you can control it with the aid of a lift hand control. This is a great chair with a good back support and a special ability to recline, with the maximum reclining capacity being 45 degrees.

The unit is able to mount in any of the two seat postures. You can control the black angle of the chair with the aid of a remote. Its angle can be adjusted independently from the movement of the seat. Apart from adjustable side lateral flaps there is also a lock and lift feature at the hinge. The device is available with a blue cover and is 28.5″(L) x 3″(W) x 16″(H) in dimensions. It is covered by a warranty period of 6 months from the manufacturer.

Drive Medical Bellavita Bath Lift

The Drive Medical Bellavita bath lift has a universal design which is a perfect for the majority of bath tubs having a standard style, even for corner baths. It is one of the most lightweight bath lifts around with a weight of only 20.5 pounds. It can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds. It has been designed to be very strong and has a sturdy construction, which ensures that it is able to last for many years. The base of the unit has easy release suction cups.

The model can be installed in an easy manner. It does not need the use of any type of tools for setup. The unit comes with a 2-part construction, which ensures easy disassembling and cleaning. This unit is ideal for deep-sized tubs and can reach too low or too high. The one-piece design of the lift makes sure that you are able to get maximum amount of leg space. The bath lift can be operated by a hand control which draws power from a strong lithium-ion battery.

Aquatec Invacare Bath Lift Orca

The Aquatec Invacare Bath Lift Orca comes in a 2-piece design and you will easily be able to fit together the backrest and the base section in order to assemble the chair. The sections of the chair can easily be taken off in order to disassemble the bath lift. The backrest of the model, when pushed forward, is able to fold down and unlock in an automatic manner.

It is very compact in size and it is perfect for storage purposes. The model, at only 26 pounds, is light in weight but can support a maximum weight of 298 pounds. It can easily be maneuvered with the aid of a compact hand control which is fitted with a lightweight battery equipped with the excellent Sony™ technology. The battery is light in weight and can easily and safely be recharged. Its hand control comes with an ergonomic design which makes it easier to handle the device.

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift

This unit comes made entirely of plastic and is strong and stable in build. It is able to last for a long time to come. Its backrest can be reclined to a maximum of 40 degrees and you can select any angle which can offer you the greatest amount of comfort. The backrest of the device is good enough and you can recline it or leave it non-reclined or erect. You can clean it up very easily.

You can easily maneuver the Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift with the aid of a waterproof hand controller that consists of textured and large control pads which are able to help old people with bad eyesight. It is a safe system considering the fact that it will not lower you in the absence of enough charge to lift you back to the top. When the unit does not have enough charge and needs to be recharged, its controller will notify you about the same with its warning indicator light and an audible “beep” sound.

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