Bath Lift with Leg Lifter – Which Ones Should You Consider First?

Bather with weak legs or limited range of motion of legs may like to use bath lifts in their standard bath tubs. Bath lifts can be operated by bathers and can help them bath with freedom, offering the ability to transfer themselves easily to the seat. Some of the bath lifts on the market come with a leg lifter to help bathers who are unable to lift their legs on their own. If you are looking for a bath lift with leg lifter, you may consider from among the ones mentioned here.

Aquatec Major Water Powered Bathlift

With this assistive device in your bathroom, you will never need to stoop in order to lift yourself again out of your tub. The product can be controlled with a hand control, which is styled in the form of a joystick. The hand control also helps regulate the optional reclining back supports. You may order the bath lift with any of the following four back support options –Stationary, Reclining, With adjustable side laterals and Without adjustable side laterals.

This bath lift comprises of a lifting base with bladders and two lifting scissors. It can lower your body to 2.75 ” from the lowest part of your tub. This bath lift will easily raise your body to the top part of your tub. It can gently and gradually lower your body into the warm water of your bath tub. You can mount a seat belt. If you have a bath tub which is deeper than 19 “, you may use height adapters.

Invacare Bariatric Shower Chair

The model comes with legs with height of adjustable variety. The height of the seat can be adjusted to 20 inches from 16.25 inches. It has an easy setup and does not need any equipment. The unit is able to support of weight of up to 700 pounds. It can provide heavier people with a lot of stability at the time of showering. Obese people can get a deep and wide seating surface.

The shower chair provides bathers with the highest amount of stability. You will easily be able to snap its backrest into its assembled seat frame. The product boasts of a very long-lasting aluminum frame having a special type of cross brace design.

Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift

This is a great bath lift with leg lifter. This bath lift has a compact frame, which helps it to fit perfectly into bath tubs of any type. Its chair can lower you to 2 3/4″. The chair is equipped with a supportive backrest which is able to recline at a 50 ° angle. There is a complimentary seat and back cover. There is a swivel transfer seat or optional swivel slide seat which can provide you with more convenience at the time of transfers. It is ideal for disabled or elderly individuals and it can easily transfer you to a wheelchair from a seated position. The lift consists of large flaps on either side and these can help in transferring your body in an easy manner.

The bath lift offers a robust performance and it is able to draw power from a lithium ion battery that is fitted in it. You can charge the battery within a span of one hour, whereas other units of a similar type take a whole night in order to be charged up once more. The product has been covered by a warranty period of 3 years.

Neptune Bath Lift

The bath lift is perfect for homes that have water meters. Given the low seat height at the bottom of the bath lift, even in shallow baths users can get optimal body immersion. The seat tends to curve about the body while it is being lifted and it gives you a clear view while carrying.

The unique design of the product that makes it easily fit tubs of any shape or size. The unit has lower risk of shifting or injuries for bathers. It is very light in weight and provides users with a lot of leg space. It has a total weight of only 20.94 pounds and it boasts of a compact design. As its design is compact, you can be fairly sure that it does not take up a lot of space while using or even at the time of storage. The unit has a streamlined framework that offers access to bath for the purpose of cleaning with the lift unmoved. Bathers can go down very low inside their bath tub.

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