Bath Lift for Seniors – Best Ones to Buy

People who are seniors often find that they are unable to take a bath with ease due to reduced amount of joint fluids, disorders and advancing age that brings other sorts of problems. Bath lift for seniors has been precisely invented for this specific reason. These types of devices can help elderly individuals to transfer themselves in and out of baths with a lot of ease, and without letting their disability and ill-health ruining their bathing experience for them. Read on and know about some of the best bath lifts for elderly individuals on the market that you may select from and make your bathing as comfortable as can be possible for you.

Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift

The bath lift is strong, safe and stable, and it is light in weight. This is a battery-powered lift and you may lower it to 2.5 inches from the bath tub bottom. Its back support can recline 35 degrees. When you are coming back to the top, the back can come back to an upright posture and the bath lift will rise to the top section of your tub.

You can operate the lift by making use of a push button hand control. When the battery does not have enough charge in it to maneuver the lift for a complete cycle, a glowing red safety light will notify you about the same. This latex-free unit can easily be operated. The bath lift is able to support weight of up to 300 pounds. You can set up and transport it without any trouble due to its low weight. It is covered by a warranty period of 3 years.

Archimedes Bath Tub Lift

The bath lift has the maximum leg space and is able to provide obese individuals with a lot of comfort and support at the time of bathing. This is a safe device considering the fact that it does not lower bathers into tubs unless there is enough power to lift them back up.

The model has a long seat and a high backrest which can provide bathers with enough support. Cleaning it is easy, as the device can be separated into 3 parts – with the heaviest part being 11.5 pounds in weight. The bath tub lift is covered by a 1 year warranty period from the manufacturer. You may use commercial bathroom cleaners for the cleaning purposes.

Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift

This bath lift can be maneuvered in an easy manner. The device gives a strong performance and it is able to draw power from a lithium ion battery that is fitted in it. Whereas other units of a similar type take an entire night in order to be charged up again, you will be able to charge the battery within a span of one hour. There are large, textured control pads which can be useful for individuals with poor eyesight. The model has a swivel slide seat which is ideal for disabled or elderly individuals and it can easily transfer you to a wheelchair from a seated position. There is a swivel transfer seat or optional swivel slide seat which can provide you with more convenience at the time of transfers. The lift consists of large flaps on either side and these can help in transferring your body in an easy manner.

This chair can lower you to 2 3/4″. The unit has a supportive backrest which is able to recline at a 50 ° angle. There is a complimentary seat and back cover. The compact frame of the unit makes it perfectly fit into bath tubs of any kind. The unit has been provided with a warranty period of 3 years.

Aquatec Major Water Powered Bathlift

The bath lift is able to lower you to the bottom of your bath tub. The unit consists of a lifting base with two lifting scissors and bladders. It has all the components which are essential for basic operations, and these include fast disconnect fitting and base, water supply hose, a top platform with cover mat and a hand control.

This bath lift for seniors is able to lower you to 2.75 ” from the lowest part of your tub. It can be operated with a hand control, which is shaped similar to a joystick. The hand control for the unit can help you in regulating the reclining back supports – which are optional. The manufacturer offers the product to buyers with a limited warranty of 2 years and it ensures protection from damages and defects.

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