Bath Lift Chairs for the Elderly – 4 Easy Choices for You

For an individual who is elderly, it can be quite difficult to enjoy a bath all on his own. Due to the lack of mobility or enhancing age, it is physically impossible for many elders to take a bath without the assistance of any other individual. Fortunately, modern technology had led to the invention of products known as bath lift chairs for the elderly. These are regarded as medical equipment for the elderly and the handicapped and can help any individual bath well despite advanced age. Read on to know about 4 of the best chairs for the elderly people that you can easily choose from.

Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift

This comfy chair is for those with limited range of motion. It is ideal for elderly adults as well as for very young children. This is a latex-free chair and is light in weight although very durable, stable and strong. It can easily be operated. The unit has been designed to last for a long time. It can easily be set up and can be stored and transported with ease.

The chair comes with easy to use controls and even when left behind in the tub, it can be cleaned up easily. The product has a nice packaging and comes with a prompt delivery. It draws power from a lithium ion battery which gives the surety of high performance.

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift

The unit has a waterproof hand controller with large and textured control pads which can help elderly people suffering from visual impairment. There is an in-built safety mechanism which does not let the bath lift be lowered into the tub unless there is enough charge to lift back a user. The controller will sound an audible “beep” and show a warning indicator light in order to help users know that the device power has been lowered and has to be recharged.

This chair has an all-plastic construction and is strong, well-constructed and can easily be cleaned up. This is a sturdy and stable unit and has been designed to last for a long time. Its backrest can be reclined to a relaxed position or be left upright. You can choose any angle and recline it up to a maximum of 40 ° – just as you like in order to feel comfortable.

Drive Medical Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter

This is one of the most lightweight chairs for the elderly people that you can find in the market. It has a weight of just 9.3 kg (20.5 lbs). Its seat can be lowered to a minimum of 2. 3″ and can be erected to a height of 18. 8 “. This makes it ideal for tubs which are deeper in size. At its lowest position, its backrest can be reclined to around 50 degrees. It has an easy setup and does not need the requirement of any tools. It has water resistant hand control, which is fitted with a lithium-ion battery that acts as its source of power.

The bath lift has a 2-piece construction, which makes it easy for you to assemble or disassemble the unit for easy transportation. When you are not using it, you can easily fold down the back in order to save space and store the unit in an easy manner. Its padded backrest and seat offers more amount of comfort. Its washable covers can be availed in grey, blue or white color. There is provision for optional headrest. The bath lift chair is able to support a maximum weight of 140 kg (308 lbs). There is lifetime warranty on motor and frame and a 2-year guarantee on handset and battery.

Archimedes Electric Chair Lift

This is an inexpensive electric bath lift chair which draws power from battery. It can gently lower you to the bottom of your bathtub and help you to bath in a comfortable manner. Once bathing is over, it can raise you to the original posture.

As compared to a walk-in-bath, this chair does not require any holing or drilling upon installation. This is light in weight and can easily be transported from one spot to another. You can easily disassemble the chair into 3 separate sections for storing the unit easily as a whole. The chair has a weight of merely 11.5 lbs while assembled, and this makes it easier for you to carry it out of the tub.

The unit is made of a waterproof material and you will not have to worry about getting shocks while using the chair in your shower.


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