Bath Chair That Lowers You in Water – The Ones to Try

Bath tub lifts, which are also referred to as bath lift chairs, bathtub lifts or bath lifts, are designed to lower an individual into a tub from a seated posture and then back again. Most of these lifts come powered by battery and these can be controlled with the aid of a simple button device. Most of these are portable and can fit well within tubs. Some of the best known manufacturers of these types of devices include names like Drive Medical, Aqua Creek, Polaris Medical, Otto Bock Health etc. Read on to know about some of the best types of bath chair that lowers you in water.

Bellavita Automatic Bath Lifter

This one weighs a mere 20.5 pounds and it is one of the most lightweight bath lifts that can be found on the market. It is also one of the lowest bath lifts that you can find, considering the fact that it is only at 2.3 inches. It has been devised to lower your body into the tub and then lift you back again without using any physical strength. The lifter comes fitted with a hand control that is waterproof and can float in water. This makes it easy for bathers to get access to the control buttons at the time of taking bath. The lift has a 2-piece construction which makes it easy for you to assemble the unit as well as disassemble it for the purpose of transportation. The setup of the unit is tool-free and it ensures that the setup and operations are simple.

Archimedes Bath Tub Lift

This is a stylish bath lift which is light in weight. It is an actuator-driven unit which can steadily and securely lower bathers into the bottom of any bathtub and can offer the maximum leg space for the most supportive and comfortable bath that is possible. It has a long seat and a high backrest which allows greater amount of support. You may use commercial bathroom cleaners to clean this lift.

AquaLift Bath Lift with Pediatric Hi-Back Wrap Around Support

The unit is light in weight and is operated by battery. It can easily be stored and is portable enough due to its low bulk. The bath lift is perfect for use at home and has been designed for people who experience difficulty in moving into a tub and out of it. The backrest can recline to 82 ° while the lift is at the highest position and to 57 ° while it is at the lowest position, so that the seat does not wobble. It is able to support weight of up to 300 pounds.

AquaJoy Bathlift

The bath lift comes with a heavy duty seat and consists of a base which can offer the greatest amount of stability and support. This can provide users with the chance to remain free of worries at the time of bathing. In order to get a higher level of safety, the unit has been designed not to lower bathers unless enough power is there to lift them back again out of the bath tub once bathing is done. There is the option for a reclining back or a fixed back. There is a completely waterproof hand control which can float in order to be easily accessible for bathers.

Aquatec XL Bariatric Bath Lift

The bath chair that lowers you in water is able support weight of up to 400 pounds. It can safely lower you into your tub as well as lift you back. The reclining feature helps you to shampoo yourself without having soap getting into your eyes. You can lie back and you can enjoy a relaxing bath in warm water.

AquaLift Bath Tub Lift System

The bath lift can be transported and stored with a lot of ease. The bath lifter is light in weight and can easily be operated. It is perfect for use at home and is able support weight of up to 300 pounds. Its back can recline to 82 ° while the lift is at the highest position and to 57 ° while it is at the lowest position, so that the seat does not wobble.

AKKULIFT Auto Bath Lifter

The accurate engineering of the bath lifter makes sure that it is safe and can easily be used for independent bathing. This is a battery operated lifter and can work with a simple button touch, lowering you slowly into the tub and out of it. The battery is rechargeable and has lots of power. At each charge, it can offer as many as 20 lifts. A recharger comes along with the device. Unless there is enough power to raise bathers, it will not lower them.

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