Aquatec Fortuna – A Durable and Powerful Bath Lift

It is important for elderly and disabled individuals to get a bath lift which come with all the important features to make sure that they can get a highly comfortable and safe bathing experience. Bath lifts are just the right kind of bathing accessory for such people. The Aquatec Fortuna is a portable bath lift which can help such people to get the perfect bathing experience without any physical problems.

The bath lift comes from the stable of Aquatec International, Inc., which is one of the most reputed manufacturers of flow control components and precision diaphragm pumps. The company has been in business since 1986. The bath lifts from the firm have enjoyed brisk sales and earned a lot of appreciation from many consumers. The Fortuna bath lift is superior in quality and construction, and helps you to be independent and safe while bathing.


The Fortuna bath lift is compact in size and it is convenient to use. It can be set up in an easy manner, due to the fact that it has a light weight. Although it is 26 pounds in weight, the bath lift is able to support weight of up to 260 pounds. The low bulk ensures that you can easily take it anywhere you like. It is available for Jacuzzi and standard bath tubs. The product is offered with accessories and lateral supports for pediatric use. The bath lift boasts of a strong and stable frame. It has a reinforced lifting mechanism.

The seat of the lift has a width of 15” and a depth of 18”. The maximum lift height is 17”. The unit can be folded with only one hand. It comes in two detachable sections, which ensures that the bath lift can be dismantled quite easily.


The Fortuna bath lift comes with a high fixed backrest consisting of an integrated neck support which can help users to be lowered and lifted out of tubs without any difficulty. The unit consists of a bottom plate that is optimally designed. It can provide you with more amount of space in your bathtub.

The Fortuna is meant to substitute for the previous Elan model. It has a minimum seat height of 2 1/2″, which is the best on the market. The device comes with a hand control that is ergonomic in design and is of the floating variety, which makes sure that you will not face any issues in accessing it at the time of taking a bath. The control is waterproof in order to ensure that it is safe to use and you will not get any electric shocks while using it with wet hands at the time of bathing.


The product comes with a reinforced lifting mechanism. It has valve regulated sealed lead batteries which prevent any risks of spillage. The sealed rechargeable battery pack consists of replacement compatible batteries. These batteries have a 3.4 AH capacity. This is a maintenance-free unit and the mobility type batteries are of superior quality and do not require any maintenance on your part.


The bath lift is extremely simple in operations, which is one of the prime reasons for its popularity. All that you need to do is sit on the seat and the bath lift will gently lower you into the bath tub. This is a portable lift that is designed to make life easier for people who find it very tough to get in and out of bath tubs. When you have finished taking a bath, the lift will raise you up and help you to exit the tub very easily.


The controller is powered by a robust lithium ion battery, the latest battery technology, which is designed to last for a long time. The floating hand controller of the bath lift comes with a sealed rechargeable battery fitted within it. The battery lasts long on a single charge. Unless there is sufficient charge in the battery to lift you back up, the lift will not lower you in the first place. On each charge cycle, you can get 7 – 10 lifts. This is quite a useful safety feature which can be found in a couple of other bath lifts from Aquatec as well as various other brands.


The Fortuna Bath Lift, much like all other bath lifts from Aquatec bath lifts, is covered under a warranty period of 3 years, which excludes suction cups and cover material. The batteries and handsets come with a warranty cover of 2 years right from its date of purchase.


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