Aquatec Fortuna Bath – What Makes this Bath Lift Special?

A safe battery powered reclining bathlift, the Aquatec Fortuna has been designed for people who need a reclining back rest at the time of going down or coming up from their bath tubs. It has been released in the market by Aquatec International, Inc. – a company that was founded in 1986 as is now one of the most reputed manufacturers of flow control components and precision diaphragm pumps. The bath lifts from the company are enjoying a lot of sales and the Aquatec Fortuna Bath is one of the best known bath lifts from its stable that many people are going for. Read and know all about this bath lift and what makes it so special for buyers.


First of all, the size of the bath lift is appropriate. Its seat has a width of 15” and a depth of 18” The maximum height of the bath lift is 17 inches. The unit weights a mere 33 pounds and can easily be moved around and even taken along on trips with ease. Despite being low in weight, the device is able to support weight of up to 300 pounds.

Ease of Assembly

The bath lift can easily be assembled, given how low its weight is. Moreover, it has a 2-piece construction and each component is compact in size and comes with self releasing suction cups. This enhances safe disassembling of the unit and its removal from the bath tub. Given the fact that there are only two components, you can easily set the product up without any professional assistance.


As the Aquatec Fortuna Bath runs on battery power, you will not be in a fix in case of a power outage. A lithium ion battery, which is the latest battery technology to be used in electronic products these days, ensures that the device can run safely and will retain the power once you charge it up.

The unit comes with a floating hand control. The control is waterproof in order to ensure that it is safe to use and you will not get any electric shocks while using it with wet hands at the time of bathing. As it is of the floating variety, it ensures that you will not face any issues in accessing it at the time of taking a bath. The control makes the operations easier for you.


This is a portable lift that is designed to make life easier for people who find it very tough to get in and out of bath tubs. The operations of the bath lift are really very simple. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity. All that you need to do is sit on the seat and the bath lift will gently lower you into the bath tub. When you have finished taking a bath, the lift will hoist you up and help you to exit the tub very easily.

The presence of pressure sensitive direction buttons over the hand control helps you to lower yourself in a gentle manner into your bath tub. You can easily recline yourself to a 35 degree angle in order to get a bathing position that can be most comfortable for you. The buttons on the hand control ensure that you can stop the lift at any position that you will be very comfortable in.


There is a choice regarding the color of cover mats. You can avail them in white or blue color. The cleaning is easier than you may imagine. You can just enter the cover mats into your washing machine, up to an angle of 60 degrees, and let it naturally dry up. The bath lift comes with a wing back option which offers greater amount of support. You can get a wide range of accessories that can be used in order to compliment this bath lift and help is comfort and ease of access at the time of bathing.

The wing back option offer extra amount of support to the upper body. The battery powered lift can be charged in an easy manner. The self releasing suction cups can be removed in an easy manner, and this can help you in cleaning up the device in an easy and effortless manner. The product is also easy to clean for this reason.

The bath lift is comfortable and its covers can be washed in machine. It comes with anti-bacterial cover mats which come in blue or white color, and have a thickness of 5 mm. For additional comfort and support, there are extra accessories.



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