Aquatec Elan Bath Lift – Why Buy It?

Aged individuals and people disabled by accidents or enfeebled by disorders encounter a lot of problems while taking bath. A weak and painful body finds it a real hassle to move in and out of tubs and this is precisely the reason bath lifts have been invented. Bath lift chairs help such people to get into and out of bath tubs in an easy manner.

If you are looking for good bath lift that is superior in quality and robust in construction, you should consider the Aquatec Elan Bath Lift which comes from the stable of Aquatec International, Inc., which is one of the topmost manufacturers of flow control components and precision diaphragm pumps. The company has been in existence since 1986 and the bath lifts from the firm have enjoyed brisk sales and earned a lot of appreciation from many consumers.


The bath lift boasts of a strong and stable frame. It has a reinforced lifting mechanism. The seat of the lift has a width of 15” and a depth of 18”. The maximum lift height is 17”. The bath lift has a low weight of only 21 pounds. Despite this low bulk of its own, it is able to support weight of up to 265 pounds.


The unit comes with a hand control that is ergonomic in design. It is of the floating variety, which ensures that you will not face any issues in accessing it at the time of taking a bath. The control is waterproof in order to ensure that it is safe to use and you will not get any electric shocks while using it with wet hands at the time of bathing.


The floating hand controller of the bath lift comes with a sealed rechargeable battery fitted within it. The unit is powered by a robust lithium ion battery that is designed to last for a long time. This is the latest battery technology. The battery lasts long on a single charge. Unless there is enough charge in the battery to lift you back up, the lift will not lower you in the first place. This is quite a useful safety feature which can be found in a couple of other bath lifts from Aquatec as well as various other brands.


The Aquatec Elan Bath Lift has been designed to satisfy the demanding standards of its manufacturer. This is a superior quality offering which comes with an inexpensive price tag. The low weight of the bath lift ensures that it is portable. The unit consists of a non-reclining backrest which is ideal for users who do not need extra positioning and seating accessories.


The rotary disk comes with a large slip-free surface, and it can easily rotate in order to allow comfortable and safe transfers. The disk is available in grey or blue color. The transfer board with rotary disk allows easy transfers. You can get reduced shearing and get the ability to turn effortlessly into the position that you want. It comes in blue as well as grey color.

The height adapters can be used to erect the bath lift to the height that you desire in non-standard bath tubs. The height adapters can be availed in 2 cm dimensions, and in sets of 4 for every set. It consists of a conversion kit as well as a set of height adapters. The sideflap diverter can be used along with bath handles which are mounted within the tub. The foam wedge cushion, which is used as seating support beneath the thighs or knees, can be used in varied positions for changing the angles. It can be availed in white or blue colors.


The operations of the bath lift are really very simple, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. This is a portable lift that is designed to make life easier for people who find it very tough to get in and out of bath tubs. All that you need to do is sit on the seat and the bath lift will gently lower you into the bath tub. When you have finished taking a bath, the lift will hoist you up and help you to exit the tub very easily.

The reinforced lifting mechanism makes operations easier. The device comes with a non reclining backrest and it is ideal for those cases where there is no need for any seating accessories. You can use the seat without or with cover materials, just in any way that you like. The lightweight bath lift is perfect for travel and can easily be installed. It is the right solution for having a relaxing and safe bath.

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