Aquatec Bathlifts – 3 Top Bath Lifts to Go For

With advancing age comes its own set of problems, and creaking and painful joints is one of the major issues that people face while walking, sitting up or standing down or even while taking bath. However, advances in scientific technology have led to the invention of an extremely useful product known as the bathlift. This utility item helps in supporting the body while taking bath.

Many elderly people use bathlifts and even infirm or disabled people or parents of very young children tend to use these. Aquatec is one of the most famous manufacturers of bathlifts. The company has been providing more than two generations of users with safe accessories for the purpose of bathing. You will like to use any of these Aquatec Bathlifts which have been released into the market by the company.

Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift

This is a comfortable bath lift which is light in weight. Despite its light weight, it is strong, stable and long lasting. This unit is free of latex. You can operate it very easily. The chair is useful for those with limited range of motion. It draws power from a lithium ion battery which gives the surety of high performance.

The chair is perfect for elderly people, disabled adults as well as very young children. This unit can easily be set up and can be stored and transported with ease. The product has a nice packaging and comes with a prompt delivery. The chair comes with easy to use controls and even when left behind in the tub. It can be cleaned up easily.

Aquatec A13705 Reclining Special Back Support for Water Powered Bathlifts

This exquisite chair has a water powered recline. Its back support has a special reclining ability, and it is able to recline to 45 degrees. The chair consists of adjustable side wings. Its black angle can be controlled with the help of remote. Other than the adjustable side lateral flaps, there is also lock and lift at hinge. The unit is able to support weight of up to 330 lbs. It comes with a warranty period of 6 months.

The angle of the chair can be independently adjusted from the seat movement. The chair mounts in one of the two seat positions. Recline of the bath lift is water powered and it can be controlled with the help of the lift hand control. The bathlift measures 28.5″(L) x 3″(W) x 16″(H). It comes with a blue cover.

Aquatec Major Water Powered Bathlift

This is one of the best Aquatec Bathlifts. With this unit in your bathroom, you will never need to stoop in order to lift yourself again out of your tub. This bathlift will raise your body to the top portion of your tub. It can gently and gradually lower your body into the warm water of your bath tub.

This full-length bathlift provides adults and youths, who cannot rest in a seated posture, with a bathing platform. For group facilities, where bathers have different types of positioning requirements and disabilities, it is perfect. The unit can support body weight of up to 500 pounds, and it can be ideal for bariatric patients. The device has been made out of plastic components and stainless steel.

The device consists of all the components which are needed for basic types of operation – such as hand control, base, fast disconnect fitting, water supply hose and top platform with cover mat. This bath lift comprises of a lifting base with bladders and two lifting scissors.

The top panel of this unit with cover mat comprises of four folding edges which will open at the upper part of your tub in order to form a firm platform for dressing or towel drying. The blue cover mat of the unit is made of non-latex mesh, constructed of blown polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is machine washable and removable.

The unit can be operated with the help of a hand control that is styled in the form of a joystick. The hand control also helps regulate the optional reclining back supports. The bath lift will lower your body to 2.75 ” from the lowest part of your tub. The manufacturer offers a limited warranty of 2 years on the bath lift in order to protect it from defects. The warranty period does not include the covers. You may order the unit with any of the following four back support options – Reclining, Stationary, Without adjustable side laterals and With adjustable side laterals. You can mount a seat belt. If you have a bath tub which is deeper than 19 “, you may use height adapters.