Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift – 3 Best Bath Lifts for Elderly People

The Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift range has been able to earn a lot of appreciation from buyers on the market. The bath lifts are ideal for elderly people and even other younger individuals who have lost the ability to sit in and move out of their tubs with ease, due to physical pain and / or infirmity caused by prolonged suffering from some debilitating disease. Read on to know about 3 top models from this range which are perfect for elderly and infirm individuals. These bath lifts have enjoyed brisk sales on the market and praised for their varied features as well as functionalities.

Drive Medical Aquajoy Premier Plus Reclining Bathlift, White

This bathlift boasts of a universal design. It can be well-fitting for most of the bathtubs which come with a standard style. It does not require any installation and can be even perfect for corner baths. It has optimum amount of leg room and can be ideal to fit baths of any size. The bath lift boasts of an automatic reclining option. You do not have to install this unit. With this bath lift, you can easily get into your bath tub and even out of it without any type of difficulty. There is a safety indicator light in this device which draws its power from a low battery.

The device comes with comfortable fabrics which can be washed in machines. This is quite a safe bath lift to try, given the fact that you will not be lowered into your tub unless and until there is enough power which can help you to raise you out of the tub back again. The bath lift is fitted with a seat of heavy duty variety. The base of the device comprises of easy-release suction cups that can offer maximum stability and support.

Harmar Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift

This is a two piece bath lift which is light in weight. The lift can easily be reclined. It can be electronically stopped at any position that you want. The bath lift consists of an auto reclining option and there is a safety indicator light which is powered by a low battery. By making use of this lift, you can easily get into your tub and even out of it. This is a heavy-duty lift which is able to support weight of up to 375 pounds.

The bath lift boasts of a universal design and this makes it easy for you to fit it into any type of bathtub which comes with a standard style. The unit lets you choose the specific bathing position that offers you the greatest amount of comfort. You will not have to install the unit.

Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift

This bath lift can assist you in easily sitting down and sitting up in your bath. You can lower your body into the water and also shift yourself in and out. This is a 2-piece lift which is very compact in size. It is able to fit most of the bath tubs that can be found out there. Due to this reason, the unit is ideal for different types of users with bath lifting requirements.

This is undoubtedly one of most versatile kinds of bath lifts. There is a standard seat as well as back covers, which have been supplied as standard. There is a reclining feature which can assist you in lying back. Even if you want to keep seated in an upright posture, this amazing bath lift will allow you to do so quite easily.

You can use this lift very easily. With the help of its fully waterproof and lightweight floating battery hand control, you will be able to operate it quite conveniently. The hand control comprises of convex and concave buttons which are soft to the touch. You will be able to use it with washable covers or without them. There are a few optional accessories in the form of a swivel and slide seat which can assist you in shifting your body in and out of bath. There are also some cover mats that are filled with gel.

If you are looking for a good Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift, any of the units which have been mentioned above can be a perfect choice for you. You will be able to get into your tub and out of it or even shift your body at will when you are using any of the aforementioned lifts in the Aquajoy Premier Plus range.

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