13 Gifts for CoWorkers

Co-workers are the only support systems you have at work and there is no reason why you should not appreciate them for what they do. It is only fair then that you try and appreciate what they do for you all the time at work when they cover up for you and in general tidy up after the mess you make. It is no secret that having good relations with the people at work is one of the prerequisites for having a successful career and a happy life all in all. And of course we are here to help you do just that with the power of gifting. Whether its an anniversary, a birthday or anything else- we have you covered with our list of the best gifts for co-workers ever! All you need to do is pick one out of the many listed here and we will do the rest for you.

1. Knock Knock Nifty Note Pad: We all tend to forget the little things in big ways that leads to really bad things happening at the absolutely wrong times, and to help eradicate that occurrence we have come up with this gift for that forgetful person at work who works the hardest but just messes up when the memory fails. This notepad is not only useful it is also super funny and interesting, with all the notes being in a fun format that ensures whoever you gift it to actually wants to use it instead of it lying on their desk all through the year.


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2.Daily desk mood chart flip: It is hard to read people most days and even when they are on their best behaviour, they can easily be misunderstood. And misunderstandings make for really bad relations in between people. We know what you’re thinking, why isn’t there a way that we can be informed of the mood of the person we are going to go and talk to? Well you can be informed of the mood. All you have to do is get them this little mood flip desk chart, with a page for every mood this chart will ensure that everybody knows exactly what mood he or she is in so that they can know when to approach for work. You might even consider getting your boss one of these so that you can know when to ask for that damn raise!


3. Doggy Mood Cards: Quite similar to the gift above, we have another fun product for your consideration. If somebody is in a bad mood it is imperative that they not stay forever in that mood since it would be a very good recipe for disaster. These doggie mood cards ensure that no matter what mood the person concerned is in, they will be forced to come out of it sooner or later. We sure can’t look at those cards and not feel a bit better every time, and we bet neither can you, and neither will the person you gift these to.


4. Funny Office Gag grenade Complaint Department: The complaint department in any office is sure to be full of the most arguments since complaints aren’t easily accepted or dismissed. Now you might want to apply that phenomenon to one of your co-workers so that they can treat their personal disputes in a more light hearted manner and learn to let go when it gets too much. This office gag works on a lot of levels and we assure you that the receiver will be very grateful to you for your idea. It makes for a funny and thoughtful gift, and when choosing a present for a co-worker you really can’t aim for more than that.


5.The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit: The terms used in any office are usually different from the lexicon of the public in general and unless initiated into it, a newbie may find it hard to understand what words to filter through as nonsense and what advice to absorb as real. This gift is especially useful for the newbies joining every year. We are sure that with this gift you will be the popular one amongst all the new recruits, and this can only help you going forward in the future. So don’t wait for anything, just order!

6. Stainless Steel decision maker funny gift: Decisions certainly aren’t a hoot in this modern day society. They are things to  be taken very seriously by those making them because every single decision in a workplace situation has the potential to backfire and land the decision taker in a pile of unwanted trouble. We thought adding a bit of fun to the decision making process might make it easier to make decisions. Which is why we have chosen this as one of the most effective gifts on the list. It is not only hilarious, but it also says a lot about you as a man and shows how thoughtful you are for your co-workers.


7. Blah! Button with 12 phrases: A workplace needs some comedy for sure since all work and no fun makes for hell. We all know that one guy in the office who doesn’t know how to make humour at all, and no matter what he does it always ends up being received awkwardly and he can’t even stop himself from doing it. If you feel for that guy as much as we think you do, you just have to get him this Blah! Button. It makes for instant comedy and will be sure to jack up his rating at the office, and also to get you a new friend and supporter at the workplace should you ever need one.


8. Gift Basket for Indulgence: If somebody at the office is having a bad time it is the duty of their co-workers to do something about it since their family is not present there. This gift is sure to light up the day of the person who is having a hard time. Their blues will be swept away by the unparalleled magic of goodies like Gardettos, Payday, Peanut MandMs, Berry Skittles, Starburst, Act II microwavepopcorn, Kars snack mix, Quaker granola bars, Planters peanuts, Slim Jims, Laffy Taffy, Snyders Pretzels, Lance Toast Chee Peanut Butter Crackers and Famous Amos Cookies! You will surely be appreciated by everyone for the kindness.


9. Poor Planning Sign: The best office jokes are those which take the mistakes of one person and show it around to everybody in a light hearted manner but also make sure that no feelings are hurt in the process. If one of your friends at work just screwed up a project, this is your opportunity to take that and be the joker. This ‘poor planning’ sign will be an inside joke everybody at the office enjoys and it won’t hurt any feelings because it was a gift in the first place. Genius right?


10. Super Boss Lady Mug: When the going gets tough and you need someone to shout at you, there is always a woman in every office who takes it upon herself to do the needful, and we feel that she is under appreciated for what she does. She may be bossy and she may be loud but she keeps things ticking over. When the opportunity presents itself to you, we suggest you get her this super sweet mug to show her that you care for what she does and appreciate who she is.


11. Clover Charm Appreciation Keychain: The appreciation of one’s peers is indeed the highest form of praise one can hope for in today’s world. And when someone does something that makes everybody else shine, they should feel on top of the world. If you want to make that happen, this clover charm appreciation keychain will do just that. You are going to make them feel as rare as a four leaf clover with this one!


12. Wellspring Flip Note: All those meeting people attend over the day and all the notes they take down on stray pieces of paper can be very easily lost. They may not see it as necessary but if you do, you should do something about it. This Wellspring notebook will ensure that they have better places to write down the notes in, and that they never get lost. The signature Flip Note with faux leather cover and soft flocking interior will make sure that you are well appreciated, and the snap magnet closure with blank note pad and retractable pen makes sure that the notebook is a self contained note taker.


13. Retired Cap for retiring Co worker: The life people lead after retirement is often tinged with regret over how they were sent off from the place without any feeling. You have a chance to send someone off with a gift you say? We say take it! Bringing smiles can only do you good. This cap saying ‘retired’ on the top won’t mean much to you but to the retiree it will mean a world.


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